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Gun control must happen but it isn't the only problem

I was encouraged to make this an OP. I originally posted this as a response to BainBane's post: Only one 2016 candidate is talking about race AND gun violence after the Charleston massacre

Considering this issue is so high profile right now after the tragic events of Wednesday evening, I believe this is within the rules. If it is not, I apologize.

I absolutely believe that gun control must take place. Expansion of background checks must take place. Expansion of waiting periods must take place. I believe that if you want to purchase a firearm, you should be forced to waive your HIPAA privacy so that your medical and mental health history is reviewed. That being said, as much as access to guns is a problem.. its more.

Guns have always been available. Mental health has always been a problem. The biggest change to our culture over the last 20 years is access to information. The internet has allowed people (including paranoid and disturbed individuals) access to information which can feed their delusions and paranoia. Consider all of the websites that are dedicated to spreading hate and bile. they exist to bring like minded whack jobs together... they spread fear and hate about Muslims, Minorities, Homosexuals etc etc etc. There are several famous websites which only spread racism towards Black men and women. Have we ever wondered the effect of that sensationalism and manipulation of fact on a diseased mind?

Now, speaking of sensationalism... Consider how the media sensationalizes violence and tragedy. They manipulate facts and information about current events to create an emotional response in people. The response is designed to keep people engaged, coming back for new information. With web based delivery there is often comment threads and forums which are designed to allow us to discuss those events with other engaged readers. Yahoo along with most news delivery media allow you to comment and then follow that comment for future response. The existence of this capability isn't egalitarian. No, it exists to create revenue. Every page creates advertising revenue. As anyone who reads yahoo comments can attest, it is full of racism and hatred. Sure, the use of certain words is banned but the same point can be stated without resorting to banned words. Our emotions are constantly stimulated on a day to day basis. For disturbed and disgusting individuals like Dylan Roof, the result can be tragic and terrible... so very very terrible.

I do not have a solution to this problem. I absolutely advocate for gun control. I wish access to mental health services was more widespread. Many states have completely dismantled their state run facilities. Most wait until the mentally ill commit a crime... by then its too late. I so wish I had a solution but this problem is far bigger than just gun control. It is our entire culture.

P.S. I tried to link the original post that sparked my comment but I couldn't get the link to work.
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