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I don't communicate with bigots and jerks.

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Keep on Trying

I always loved the song. I heard it the other day and it struck me how much this can be a reflection on the struggle by our Democrat leaders and politicians over the past 4 years. The "tired of lying" line was particularly poignant.

Must see TV


Trump and his supporters encouraged riots knowing it would result in covid illness AND death.

I have no idea if this has been discussed in the media or on here. I have been so busy with family, work and trying to keep up with the current situation. It's possible I missed this but I feel that I must post this.

It is INARGUABLE that Trump and his enablers knowingly risked lives by encouraging yesterday. The Republicans today who weaved lies about antifa and democrat conspiracy are just as complicit.

I am talking about covid people.

Statistically speaking, there were some people present yesterday who already were infected and there are many who became infected. They will spread the virus to innocent family members, friends and acquaintances. Some of those involved yesterday will die. Some of their cherished loved ones will die. Some of those faceless (and some we now know) people who dared to attack our democracy will die.

I am not being hyperbolic or histrionic. The covid transmission and mortality rates are clear. People WILL die as a result of yesterday. It was after all the ultimate super spreader event where emotions were so high that logic and reason was non-existent.

Sure we can blame the people who participated in the actual assault but there is a much larger and more tragic reality: it was encouraged and promoted by elected government officials. They ALL knew this would happen but their personal agenda meant more. Their political future meant more than the stability of our nation and the lives of their own supporters. They were treated like cannon fodder in a meaningless war meant to save face and nothing more.

For this reason alone they should be removed from office and prosecuted. Toss them into a disgusting cell. Feed them the slop that prisoners experience every single day. I include Cruz and Hawley in this. I include all of the Republicans who attempted to sabotage this election.

Insurrection is Undemocratic, Anti American and Illegal. Encouraging death and disease? That is PSYCOPATHIC.

I didn't vote for him way back then but I gotta applaud my former Governor Mitch Romney

I supported the Mass Health reform of 2006. I was pissed off that he opposed same sex marriage and it required the Supreme court to make Massachusetts the first state to allow same sex marriage in the United States. I was pissed when he encouraged and supported the federal marriage amendment. I was disgusted and livid when he shifted his previous support of abortion rights that he professed for more than a decade.

There is more but that being said, all politics and posturing aside, he nailed it tonight. Some may say it was politics or posturing. I disagree because his eyes told what he felt. Even though I may be called naive or stupid, I am going to raise one up to my former governor. We rarely agreed on much but it was obvious to me that you meant every word. Those applauds were well deserved Mitt.

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