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Chasstev365's Journal
Chasstev365's Journal
January 11, 2018

How the media and the Democratic Party need to approach Republicans from now on:

They have ZERO credibility on any issue!

National security? You are fine with a former KGB official interferring in American elections. Remember when Ronnie Reagan called Russia an "Evil Empire?" Now You don't care about Putin's actions? You obviously don't care about the safety of America.

Deficits? After you raged about out of control spending, so both Presidents Obama and Clinton significantly reduced the deficit spending of W Bush and Reagan. What is the first thing you did in 2017? You added 1.5 Trillon in new debt to give the upper 1 % another tax cut. You are fiscally irresponsible.

Pro Life? You care SO much about the unborn child, but not so much after its born. You cut CHIP spending to help your rich friends. You don't give a DAM about average people.

Do what we say, but NOT what we do! You routinely vote down a raise in the minimum wage, yet have given yourselves several pay raises. You don't want people to have healthcare, yet have free universal health care for yourselves and your families paid for by the American tax payer. You picked at ANYTHING the Obamas did or said, from a tan suit to the first lady's bare arms, yet say nothing when this buffoon and his tacky wife are an international embarrassment!

Approach all Republicans with the contempt they deserve!

I know I am missing many others things, but seriously can anyone name an issue where the GOP has any credibility left?

January 7, 2018

Why doesn't anyone ask Republicans like McConnell, Ryan, Graham, Grassley, Nunes, etc. this:

"Did you take illegal campaign money from any Pro Russian donors?"

They will either lie or fumble with a lame excuse. Whatever their response, get them on the record!

January 7, 2018

Hats off to Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff for being the most vocal critics of Trump' s GOP cabal:

I wish Schumer, Sanders, and Pelosi would attack more!

January 7, 2018

A Very Telling Thing About the Book Fire and Fury:

To my knowledge, no one mentioned in the book has categorically denied the statements attributed to them.

I think this needs to be brought out by the media.

January 6, 2018

If Trump plans to fire Mueller,

I believe Mueller will be tipped off in advance and will take swift action accordingly.

January 6, 2018

America's Nuremberg Trial. Here are my picks for the dock:

1. David and Charles Koch
2. The Mercers
3. Donald Trump
4. Mike Pence
5. Jeff Sessions
6. Mitch McConnell
7. Paul Ryan
8. Don Jr.
9. Jared Kushner
10. Ivanka Trump
11. Charles Grassley
12. Roger Stone
13. Sean Hannity
14. Rupert Murdoch
15. Devin Nunes (in absentia, he fled to the Azores)
16. Stephen Miller
17. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
18. Wilber Ross
19. Kris Kobach

January 5, 2018

The Question Every Democrat Needs to Pointedly Ask His Republican Challenger in 2018:

Which do you support: the FBI and the rule of law or Donald Trump and the Republican Party? Do it dramatically and publicly!

January 5, 2018

The GOP seems to be amping up the "Blame the Democrats/The Clintons" game.

From Grassley and Graham, to Ryan, Nunes, and Sessions. It is beyond disgusting! We can't wait until November. Any ideas on how to rally people against this Bull Shit? I find myself with an unhealthy rage.

January 5, 2018

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is as big a threat to America as Benedict Donald himself

1.The nation's to law enforcement official lied multiple times under oath about meeting with Russians. His indignant Southern Gentleman routine can't mask the fact that he is guilty of perjury. THANK YOU SEN. FRANKEN!

2. I have no doubt that he had a hand in bringing down Al Franken via Hannity, Tweeden, and Stone. This was an abuse of power to go after a political opponent in a Nixonian way.

3. He tried to have a women jailed for laughing at him! Welcome to Stalinist America!

4. He is reopening any and everything on Bogus Hillary Clinton; emails. Uranium, etc. Again: ABUSE OF POWER!

5. The lover of "States Rights" is trying to stop states from having legalized marijuana. Why? He owns stock in the private prison industrial complex.

We need a Profiles in Courage moment to take on this e
amoral bastard; either an elected official or Edward R. Murrow moment. Sessions is truly evil!

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