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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 9,061

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Larry Summers: We don't need 8 or 9 people going back and forth on a stage telling us how great the

other 7 or 8 are. We need a comprehensive plan.

I have more confidence in him than all of the dump team members combined. He was on with Erin Burnett.

At 9:49 the bloodbath continues.

DOW down over 1,800 points.


'Doomed from the Start.' Experts Say the Trump Administration's Coronavirus Response Was Never Going

to Work

In congressional testimony, in medical webcasts and in private discussions with health officials, they warned that the unique features of this flu-like virus made it impossible to control, and that the administration must use any time that containment measures might buy to prepare the country for an inevitable outbreak. The administration was using all its resources to blockade the doors, they warned, but the enemy was likely already in the house.

When it finally became indisputable that an outbreak was underway in Washington state, the administration was slow to catch up. There were not enough COVID-19 testing kits, hotlines were overwhelmed, and hospitals and public health departments were hobbled by a lack of reliable statistics on the spread of the disease. Experts say the U.S. response is now likely weeks—if not months—behind schedule.


YCMTSU: Passengers on cruise ship found out about positive test results from watching Dence on tv.

Passengers on the ship found out about the test results from Pence's press briefing, according to a video from a passenger on the ship.

"We apologize but we were not given advance notice of this announcement by the US federal government," according to an announcement broadcast on the ship and recorded on the video. "It would have been our preference to be the first to make this news available to you."

One passenger, Debbi Loftus, told CNN Friday she was watching MSNBC when she saw Pence's briefing on the ship.

"I thought the passengers were supposed to be notified first," she said, adding that she was celebrating her father's 84th birthday aboard the Grand Princess.

"The fact that we weren't told first made us quite upset and angry ... There's no excuse for this."


And Dump said today that he be inclined to just leave everybody on board indefinitely! Clowns are in charge of the USA!

Al Franken coming up on Cuomo.

Is Bloomberg waiting until after we have a nominee to unleash his Operation Overlord on assface?

I'm missing Mike's ads!

Just In: CNN is saying that after all the delegates are divided up

Joe will still have about a 40 delegate lead.

LOL. Bloomberg uses Asswipe's own words against him.

When they punch us we punch back twice as hard. Only we punch back with the truth.

Keep it up, Mike!

The mo seems to be slowing down a bit.

With Bernie leading in TX it looks like it's coming down to CA.

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