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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 09:07 PM
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Cuomo good tonight.

and Mexico is going to pay for it. 😎Navaro was outstanding.

Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and visited around the time he joined Trump’s campaign, the Guardian has been told.

Sources have said Manafort went to see Assange in 2013, 2015 and in spring 2016 – during the period when he was made a key figure in Trump’s push for the White House.


Trumbull County, Ohio, shifted 30 points to vote Trump. That didn't save its car plant.

The story of the 2016 presidential election, to some extent, can be told by what happened in Trumbull County, Ohio.

In 2012, the state voted narrowly for Barack Obama. When Ohio was called for Obama on election night, his reelection was all but ensured. But four years later, the state backed Republican Donald Trump by eight points. That was in part because of shifts in places such as Trumbull, a perfectly square county near Youngstown. Obama won Trumbull by 23 points. Trump won it by more than six.

Why? In part because Trump’s pitch was tailored very specifically to places like Trumbull County....

“That Carrier situation, where he was very outspoken and then even seemed to get a positive result — before he was even president of the United States,” she said, “I think people pointed to that and thought, ‘You know, if we get into this situation, President Trump will do the same thing.’ We have not seen that."

“They may not blame Trump for it closing specifically,” she added, “but they will blame him for not saving it.” Blame him in the 2020 election, that is.


Trump voters in Ohio will not want to read the comments on this article. Most are insightfully brutal.

Obama visits UChicago for live taping of The Axe Files


The Axe Files Ep. 288 Barack Obama https://www.axefilespodcast.com/episodes/vqe8lga5vxgzd7kw9vdo4cdwixlyzn

tRump told Chris Wallace that he visited Arlington Nat'l Cemetary on Veterans Day "last year".

He didn't.

CNN for the win!


Matt Whitaker and the "masculine toilet".

Whitaker was an active participant in a scam company that marketed "masculine toilets"

In November 2014 . . . World Patent Marketing, announced the “marketing launch” of a “MASCULINE TOILET,” which boasted a specially designed bowl to help “well-endowed men” avoid unwanted contact with porcelain or water. “The average male genitalia is between 5” and 6.”” the firm’s press release said. “However, this invention is designed for those of us who measure longer than that.”

The special toilet was not the firm’s only notable offering. It marketed a slew of oddball inventions, including a “theoretical time travel commodity tied directly to price of Bitcoin.” Called Time Travel X and marketed as “a technology, an investment vehicle and a community of users,” the cryptocurrency never materialized. The firm also pitched Sasquatch dolls, promoting them with a video claiming that “DNA evidence collected in 2013 proves that Bigfoot does exist.”

Only the best!

You can't make this shit up! No pun intended.



CNN Source: "He's pissed at damn near everyone."

Washington (CNN)A political clobbering, bickering aides and now a public grenade launched across the White House by the first lady have placed President Donald Trump in a position he loathes: backed into a corner.

A week after standing in the East Room and declaring victory in the midterm elections, the President is isolated and growing more furious by the day. He's openly speculating about replacing more members of his Cabinet, though so far has stopped short of executing the dismissals, leaving those aides in a career purgatory.

At an election night party at the White House, Trump left attendees guessing when he was spotted in a huddle with a potential replacement for his chief of staff, John Kelly, who himself stood awkwardly in a corner.

"Yes, he's pissed -- at damn near everyone," a White House official said, noting the mood in the Oval Office is darker than normal this week. After nearly a month straight of campaigning before adoring crowds, the applause has gone silent and the President has retreated. The tempest has led to rampant speculation inside the building about the fates of other senior staffers, some of whom are beginning to plan their exits.


Fed Judge grants CNN hearing tomorrow.


I could argue the case for CNN and win.

CNN sues WH


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