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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 11:47 AM
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What if black people have actually been gold this whole time??

Mind = blown

Fact: It has snowed in the north eastern states FOR NEARLY ALL OF JAN AND FEB

You cant argue with that FACT. Everyone not living in the area needs to send me a sympathy card ASAP

Did you know a college degree in some cases means HIGHER STARTING WAGES????

The people who need the highest wages the most are the last ones to get them.

This is discrimination, you might as well draw a RED LINE thru education as opposed to neighborhoods.


I posted this link but you dont have to rely on it, what I am telling you is true. There are specific occupations or professions where you get a higher salary as well.

It may not be in all states, but many.

Today's lesson brought to you by Arabic television (re-run)



Is it a two way street, even if one lane is wider than the other?

Harvard tells professors: No more sex with undergrads

Harvard tells professors: No more sex with undergrads

I don't know where to begin with this headline... can someone entertain me with a good one-liner about how the rich-but-not-so-academically-inclined kid's GPAs are going to drop a point?


Comcast calls customer 'Super Bitch' on bill

Comcast customer service strikes again...

The article is short enough, but in brief, this 63 year old lady stopped getting the Hallmark channel (which she was supposed to be getting), and it took hundreds of calls and 39 technician's visits to fix the problem. Then she gets her next bill and addressed to "Super Bitch". Comcast then pulls the plug on a local news story that was going to air it, since Comcast owned the news network.

Just when you think they can't out do themselves, they find another way.


Holder/DOJ decide no civil rights violation occured in Ferguson....


Well... geez, don't know what to say to this... cops across America probably just started cleaning their side arms.

Obama has the worst PR/support staff ever

"Obama's golf game disrupts soldiers' wedding"

I don't believe Obama would do this if he had known what was going on. So my question is why the hell do is support staff (ie. event coordinators/whoever the heck handles the logistics of these things) NOT tell him that his golf game is going to wreck the wedding that 2 armed service members had scheduled??

I mean god damn... they invite him to the wedding, get told he can't make it, then get told their wedding has to be moved to their base since Obama will be golfing where they had planned for the wedding to happen... wow, really great work there support staff and PR people... Foxnews will have a field day with this tonight.
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