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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 11:47 AM
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Obama has the worst PR/support staff ever

"Obama's golf game disrupts soldiers' wedding"

I don't believe Obama would do this if he had known what was going on. So my question is why the hell do is support staff (ie. event coordinators/whoever the heck handles the logistics of these things) NOT tell him that his golf game is going to wreck the wedding that 2 armed service members had scheduled??

I mean god damn... they invite him to the wedding, get told he can't make it, then get told their wedding has to be moved to their base since Obama will be golfing where they had planned for the wedding to happen... wow, really great work there support staff and PR people... Foxnews will have a field day with this tonight.

More bad stuff in the latest budget plan

Additional non-sense chipping away at the limits put on super rich campaign donors.


sigh... I guess at least the hillary supporters will be happy

I'm going to the mall today

And if anyone tells me "merry christmas" after buying a couple christmas presents I am going to return that insult right back at them. We can play their game too... they'll never see it coming. Time to fight fire with fire!
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