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Should A Self-Driving Car Kill Its Passengers In A “Greater Good” Scenario?

I hadn't thought of this before...

Picture the scene: You’re in a self-driving car and, after turning a corner, find that you are on course for an unavoidable collision with a group of 10 people in the road with walls on either side. Should the car swerve to the side into the wall, likely seriously injuring or killing you, its sole occupant, and saving the group?


edit: People seem to get hung up on the scenario in the article, so I am going to give another one, which I have encountered:

In my own experience, driving down PCH on friday/saturday night (45-55 mph speed limit), drunken groups of 20-somethings like to just cross the street any moment they want, instead of walking a bit further to the nearest stop light. So I think the scenario is legit... would my self driving car hit them or crash me?

Northrop Grumman wins $80B defense contract. Someone in the airforce is tickled to death right now


I imagine which ever general has been pushing for this is as giddy as a 7 year old on christmas eve. He probably couldn't sleep last night he was so anxious to unwrap his new present.

Would this make you throw up in your mouth, or was it just me?

Posted by my sister who I love, but is a RWer... "I usually judge the success of my day by how much I get done. While I've been sick, it's been nice remember that all that I accomplish each day is an act of love and service to my family, but what gives me real worth is who I am as a child of God."

I usually gloss over her posts and don't care. That one just made me gag though. Am I alone?

Unemployment is low, stocks are high, Obama wins

There are several points to be made, so lets start in order...

Thanks to low unemployment, there are more fast food workers on the job 24 hours per day. Last night when I was walking home intoxicated I had the option of getting a late night meal from ANY fast food place I wanted. Back 10 years ago, under Bush, I literally only had 2 choices (taco bell or Carls Jr.).

Second point, Obama paved the way for google and amazon's big day today, and my 401K shot up massively! That never happened under Bush. Now, Obama haters are gonna hate, but things are looking damn good from my penthouse at the moment!

Third point, I have been told that during his last 2 months in office he really wont give any more fucks. He will push back against the republicans who have been constantly in his way, and then we will get REAL universal health coverage, lower tuition, and better social security services all at once. He just has to delay until the final 2 months in order to wait for the election to be done with. My last 2 votes are paying dividends (literally)

Pensions are a negligible source of income for the younger generation

401(k)s have largely displaced traditional defined benefit pensions among private-sector workers, and they will be the a major source of retirement income when the young generation becomes seniors. New data show that in 2014, pension plans are not even offered to persons aged 35 and younger. On the other hand, company matches from 401(k) plans boost retirement savings annually on average. Pension benefits and retirement account distributions are both concentrated among upper income seniors, and currently failing across the board. Therefore far more youngsters rely on contributing a good amount of tax deferred income to a 401(k) as a future source of retirement income.

401(k) and IRA distributions will grow in importance in coming years, and the amounts saved will be enough to replace bygone pensions for future retirees, who will also rely on Social Security, which they have paid into, as part of their incomes.

1%Hillary thinks working 10 hours per week will pay all bills other than tuition

Lets see... 15 years ago the dorm cost $800/month. 10 hours per week x 15$ per hour x 4 weeks = $600/month. Great math Hillary. You are 25% short using 2000 costs and 2015 incomes, and not taking into account food (yes students eat)

I just read about China's new "credit score" system, and this is insane

Everybody is measured by a score between 350 and 950, which is linked to their national identity card. While currently supposedly voluntary, the government has announced that it will be mandatory by 2020.

The system is run by two companies, Alibaba and Tencent, which run all the social networks in China and therefore have access to a vast amount of data about people’s social ties and activities and what they say.

In addition to measuring your ability to pay, as in the United States, the scores serve as a measure of political compliance. Among the things that will hurt a citizen’s score are posting political opinions without prior permission, or posting information that the regime does not like, such as about the Tienanmen Square massacre that the government carried out to hold on to power, or the Shanghai stock market collapse.

It will hurt your score not only if you do these things, but if any of your friends do them. Imagine the social pressure against disobedience or dissent that this will create.

Anybody can check anyone else’s score online. Among other things, this lets people find out which of their friends may be hurting their scores.

Also used to calculate scores is information about hobbies, lifestyle, and shopping. Buying certain goods will improve your score, while others (such as video games) will lower it.

Those with higher scores are rewarded with concrete benefits. Those who reach 700, for example, get easy access to a Singapore travel permit, while those who hit 750 get an even more valued visa.

Sadly, many Chinese appear to be embracing the score as a measure of social worth, with almost 100,000 people bragging about their scores on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.


There will no longer be any gun violence in San Francisco

The last gun shop is closing its doors. We have finally done it, everyone is safe.

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