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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 11:47 AM
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I'm a dog lover, and dogs love me. Except one just now

This crazy fuck of an old man had a pitbull mix walking it down the sidewalk. The dog was between knee and belt high while on all fours (I'm 6'1 for reference). As soon as I was within leash distance it went into full on vicious mode, lunging and barely being kept away from me by its owner, who I'm shocked could actually hold it back (maybe one of those choker collars with sharp ends?). As I said I am a dog lover. I have been barked at by plenty of dogs, and keep my cool, stand still, look back at them, open my hand, and scratch their necks, to their owners shock. This one wasn't fucking around, my fingers would have been his dinner...

I'm not sure of an overall point here, but it was pretty shocking, and I just wanted to share some place other than facebook... I'm still a bit on edge

Does anyone else think the word "folks" is getting over used?

I swear every time something happens, it happens to "folks". Why has the word "people" been replaced?
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