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Russia has started bombing ISIS/coordinating with Syrian gov.

We were training about a dozen (a dozen???) anti ISIS fighters... Russia has launched its first airstrikes, and moved long range bombers into southern Russian bases. Another angle: Russia is friendly with Al-Assad and definitely will try to keep him in charge, or at the very least a like-minded replacement.

To me this looks like we just sat on our hands for too long. I do NOT want US ground troops in Syria, but we could have done a LOT more to combat ISIS than train a few dozen locals on how to shoot straight. ISIS has been committing humane atrocities and destroying world heritage sites for way too long. Now, I guess I have to root for Putin to take out the ISIS trash, even if it means he will keep Al-Assad in power.

My rant is over, I'd like to hear others thoughts on this situation...


About that FIFA2016 XBox game that includes women soccer teams for the first time

I am not a big soccer fan, but my friend/neighbor is (he is Persian), and he was really excited about getting the game for his birthday... he is still single so plenty of time to play games in his 30s.

I go over to his house to hang out and play a little bit, and I brought up the woman's teams thing. So he and his other friends played a match with woman's teams USA vs Germany... the game developers honestly made the women players run about half the speed as the men players. And they kick about half as hard too... kind of made me wonder, wtf? Even if they can't kick as hard as men soccer players in real life, the game play could have just scaled... it led to some standard Persian male chauvinist jokes... fail FIFA

China has fake handbags (stealing trade marks), steals intellectual property (patents), now THIS

They have a fake Obama... geez china make something yourself, stop stealing our stuff


fury in Crimea as Putin and Berlusconi drink 240-year-old wine


They didn't even give a review on the flavor! Assholes!

Roberta Vinci drinks, bathes in, and makes lemonade out of Serena William's tears

I just saw the post match press conferences. Plenty of tears and plenty of lemonade to be had

Oh those silly patriots make the headlines again...

Sounds like some serious Nixon type activity. Breaking in to steal plays among other things that were not previously revealed in the spy-gate scandal. Cheatriot fans must be proud.


Former Clinton aide to plead the 5th

I thought you only do that to avoid implicating yourself in illegal activity? hmmm...

Responding to additional requests regarding Clinton's private server from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley's staff, Pagliano's legal counsel also said yesterday that "he would plead the 5th to any and all questions if he were compelled to testify" before the Judiciary Committee, according to a spokesman for the senator.


edit: The aide was the IT person responsible for maintaining her personal email server

Do you think president trump is going to ban mexican food from the US as well?

I hope not, I just found a good burrito place close by with strong margaritas
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