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A college on the edge of Silicon Valley has turned itself into an upmarket visa mill

I apologize for the source, I couldn't find any other one. The article is incredibly disturbing to anyone with a regard for high education in America and I wanted to post it... keep in mind this is an accredited university in the US. The "no full time permanent faculty" part is personally upsetting

Quick snip:

"Spending millions on foreign recruiters, Northwestern Polytechnic University enrolls 99% of its students — more than 6,000 overall last year — from overseas, with little regard for their qualifications. It has no full-time, permanent faculty, despite having a student body larger than the undergraduate population of Princeton.

The school issues grades that are inflated, or simply made up, so that academically unqualified students can keep their visas, along with the overseas bank loans that allow the students to pay their tuition. For two years, top college administrators forbade professors from failing any students at all, and the university’s president once personally raised hundreds of student grades — by hand."


Another day another beating by the cops on a guy who was surrendering

This crap needs to end... I'm sure the words "stop resisting" were being yelled as the 6 cops were pummeling him with batons, fists, and feet. He was light skinned, so at least the cops beat him according to the contents of his character??
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