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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 8,926

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What the hell has gotten into Rachel? Not impressed with BC at the beginning but then he found

himself and got into it. Wha??? I am so done with her and MSNBC. Even Brian was so quiet and sullen-like after the best speech I've heard since Michelle last night. Gaaaaaaaa

I think these people want to get out of there, go for a drink or head home, very little

energy. He's a tiring person, he just sucks the air right out of the room.

God forgive me but I'm starting to gain a certain restrained respect for Ted Cruz this a.m.

He's playing a dangerous game but the media is covering his very good speech to the Texas Republican delegates and they seem to heartily approve. This takes courage (let's face it, he has nothing to lose at this point) and he is explaining his actions pretty well. I'm sure I'll get over this but it is quite enjoyable to watch..

If the "Never Trump" effort should come to fruition, I think this is why the donald is going home

until..? This way he is already out of there and does not have to be humiliated as I think he might otherwise. Just speculating of course.

Just listening to MSNBC discussing the cancellation and reasons for it on the

Trump announcement. Perhaps I didn't hear it all but not one pundit had the courage to mention that he cancelled because he wouldn't get any coverage. Not one.

Just watched the President de-plane in Orlando to visit with family and friends of those

poor souls killed the other night. I think he snubbed Governor Scott, he went to Joe then said something to Little Marco and shook his hands and then hugged some man standing by the Beast. Finally I think
Scott was holding his door but not sure so Prez had to say something. Sometimes his job really stinks but I do hope it will get some tv coverage. I'm at MSNBC right now with high hopes.

If Bernard Sanders was under a possible indictment, do you think the DNC would allow him

to run for the highest office in the land? Me neither..

My newsfeed on FB is showing many OPs about Bernie possibly being HRC's VP. What do

you all think of it? I'm in the digesting the idea mode at this point but it isn't exactly awful..Many benefits to both going into the GE...

Ted Cruz wore a pink boa and underwear according to his eldest girl. I know this is

gossip but it was said on national TV and I'm busting a gut here...OMG...

Wendi Deng/Vladimir Putin..An item. n/t

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