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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 8,926

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I just spent a few minutes over at the site that shall remain un-named to see their thoughts

on last night's debate. I didn't post this in "Primaries" as it has nothing to do with ours. Hope it's in the right place. If not, I shall delete. This is my very brief impressions on their thoughts:

They really missed the donald not being among the candidates and quite a few opted to turn their tv off.
They love, love, Cruz. He's very smart and acts so presidential....
The other one they loved and were very impressed with was Carly..Carly!!! Yep, she's the one to go after Hillary (Hillary would have her lunch before Carly opened her mouth..)
They refer to Lindsey Graham as Linda and don't like him.
Walker acted very nervous and didn't impress them too much.
Rand Paul and Rubio both looked tired and showed them nothing...
Bush was just dismissed, they have no use or time for him....
Dr. Carson is a nice man and speaks very softly but he is not ready for prime time. At least not yet..

I was a little surprised but not all that much. Must get to the shower now...

My eldest son just texted me he thinks he's going out on strike (Verizon). The good news is:

He says he's "feeling the Bern." This is a very unpolitical person so this really pleased me... Go Bernie!

Muslim Charities Just Raised Over $100k to Rebuild Black Christian Churches

As primary season approaches, there has been a notable shift in Republican rhetoric, which is becoming more and more divisive and exclusionary in their efforts to win over what little sections of American society still supports their outdated and bigoted platforms. Taking aim at minority communities, the GOP preaches division instead of unity, of hate instead of love, of fear instead of hope.

Which is why stories like this one won’t be heard on FOX, but emphasizes why it is vitally important that the American people don’t fall for the election cycle hyperbole and remember that the vast majority of people are good, hard-working and caring people who won’t sit by idly by wrongdoing, supporting each other in times of tragedy and fear. You may remember the slew of Southern black churches that burned under mysterious circumstances over the past month.

In response, a woman named Faatimah Knight organized a group of Muslim nonprofits, including the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative and the Arab American Association of New York and Ummah Wide, in a fundraising drive called “Respond With Love.” They’ve raised over $100,000 to help rebuild those churches, saying that “ALL houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe, a place we can seek refuge when the world is too much to bear.”

It’s a wonderful and heartwarming story of interfaith unity, the kind we hear about far too infrequently. Despite the desperate attempts by Republicans to delude their voter base into believing otherwise, America is a multi-faith, multi-ethnic, and multi-gendered society, as it always has been and always will be. Our diversity is one of biggest strengths, a beautiful melting pot of all cultures and traditions creating a new culture unto itself. It shows us how blinded we are by the petty divisions we use to separate and isolate each other, whether it be skin color, religious belief, languages spoken, or the geographic coordinates of one’s instance of birth. The atrocity that recently occurred in Chattanooga, Tennessee, must not be turned into a political weapon. It would be a disrespect to the Marines who lost their lives. The far-right wing will use every opportunity they can to use their deaths to turn Americans against their Muslim countrymen; we must remember that an isolated incident does not define an entire group. Take a leaf from Faatimah Knight’s book, from the family members of the nine victims of the Charleston, and respond with love.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”- the Prophet Muhammed (عليه السلا?


HA! Huff Post has moved any and all Trump news to the Entertainment Section...LOL...n/t

WTH Chris, if I had wanted to hear the Trump interview I would have tuned in before. Why is he

doing a complete replay? I had to turn him off. Excerpts would be fine but the whole show? Sort of laziness on his part IMO...

Good show on Morning Joe today. Joe is NOT there..Intelligent, no yelling/snark, loving it...n/t

During the funeral of the late Nelson Mandela I clearly remember when our President walked over to

Mr. Castro and shook his hand. Castro looked at him, sort of smiled but looked quite surprised. I'm wondering if this was the beginning of the warming of relations with Cuba. Whether it was or not is not important, I'm so glad this is happening. Nelson Mandela, promoting peace even in death in a roundabout way...

President singing Amazing Grace acapella. They have all joined in. This is historic...n/t

Morning Joe is bringing Bernie Sanders on after the 8:00 segment. Don't want people to see or

hear him before they go to work nor have him on the "repeat" part of their show. It could be a scheduling conflict, I realize that, but they had Billy (I'm never right about anything) on for a long time this morning. It would have been nice if Bernie had had that time slot...

UP with Steve is all repub this morning. Had to turn him off. Nothing about Bernie

and his huge crowds in Denver....I'm so sick of this..
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