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John McCain Slams Anti-Henry Kissinger Protester As 'Low-Life Scum'

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called out a protester rallying against former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at an Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, calling him "low-life scum."

"Arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes!" the protesters chanted while holding up signs. As the chanting went on, McCain could be heard summoning U.S. Capitol Police. In later remarks, he called the protest "disgraceful, and outrageous, and despicable."

"You're going to have to shut up, or I'm going to have you arrested," McCain said as a protester interrupted his remarks. "Get out of here, you low-life scum," McCain added as the protester was removed from the room.

McCain then apologized to Kissinger, who testified about global challenges to national security at the hearing.


Oh, you're gonna love this one...lol

Saw a comment from someone who grew up with her and the bread bag story was a a lie because Joni Ernst went to private school.

This was on FB so don't know how true it is but it sounds so republicanish....

Borowitz definitely gets it....lol.

Andy Borowitz
26 mins ·
It's hard for John Boehner to relate to people trying to survive on a full-time job that pays $15,000 when he has a part-time job that pays $223,000.

Keith Olbermann Not Exactly Thrilled NCAA Giving Penn State Football Its Wins Back

Penn State and the NCAA have come to an agreement that will restore the 112 wins taken away from the school’s football program in 2012 over its mishandling of the Jerry Sandusky child-molestation scandal. And Keith Olbermann is pissed off about it.

The ESPN anchor, who is not exactly one to mince words, named the two parties the “world’s worst” during his show on Friday (it starts around 2:00 in the video above). The agreement will once again make the late Joe Paterno the winningest coach in major college football history. Paterno was accused in a 2012 report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh of covering up the scandal to avoid bad press, which allegedly allowed Sandusky to continue to abuse children.

In his segment, Olbermann took the NCAA and Penn State to task for continuing to worry about the legacy of its football program and coach.

“This is Joe Paterno’s legacy. This is Penn State’s legacy,” Keith Olberman said. “Football was more important to them than saving children."

There is a Keith video and not much more to the article but here's the HuffPo link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/17/keith-olbermann-penn-state_n_6493136.html

Andy Borowitz just stated:

"Most Americans now consider Romney to be a stalker." OMG, he is hilarious...

Life with Mitt: Ann Romney discusses politics, MS at Four Arts - See more at: http://www.palmbeachda


Romney talked about her life as the wife of former Massachusetts governor and two-time Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney. Married for 45 years, the couple have five sons and 22 grandchildren.

She also discussed her drive to open the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases, which is set to open in 2016 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The center will work to find cures and new treatments for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease (known as ALS), Parkinson’s disease and brain tumors.

Romney was 49 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998.

“I went into a severe depression,” she said. “I thought my life was over.”

Her health deteriorated, until she connected with neurologist Howard Weiner, who will head the new research facility. She’s been in remission for several years.

“I recognize that many people don’t go into permanent remission like I have done, whose disease continues to progress,” she said. “I can tell you, help is on the way.”

- See more at: http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/news/local/ann-romney-talks-about-life-with-mitt-and-battling/njhPD/#sthash.4PsCQIo4.dpuf

Police: Limbaugh received threatening emails

Posted: 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015

By Michele Dargan

Daily News Staff Writer

An Ohio man admitted emailing death threats last month to Rush Limbaugh, telling Palm Beach police that he was drinking at the time and sent the threats as a joke, according to a police report.

Acting on Limbaugh’s behalf, an employee called police, indicating Limbaugh wanted to prosecute. Later, the employee decided to document the incident rather than prosecute, the report said.

According to the report, the conservative radio talk show host received two threatening emails on Dec. 19. The employee told police that Limbaugh and his wife were concerned with the nature of the emails. The emails called Limbaugh a “perv” and a “DEAD MAN,” and threatened to kill Limbaugh and cut his wife’s head off. Police traced the emails to a 46-year-old Cleveland man.

After researching the email account, police found it had been the source of “numerous harassing emails to various people dating back to 2011,” including one to Mark Steyn, who has guest hosted for Limbaugh.
- See more at: http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/news/national/police-limbaugh-sent-threatening-emails/njhMP/#sthash.Khx8RqW9.dpuf

Whether you like her or not, Ms. Nancy Pelosi is a very classy person. Her warm words for Boehner

set a nice tone for collegiality and to tell the truth I'm sort of glad Boehner was re-elected to Speaker. I'm used to him.
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