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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 8,927

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I'm in and just contributed to Bernie's campaign. His website is overwhelmed and am

lucky to have gotten out of there unscathed. I'm really enthused with his running and am looking forward to this election...

I want to vote, most definitely, in the primary but because I'm registered as

an Independent, I'm going to have to change that, right? I should know this but I'm not sure...I'm in Florida if that matters...

Bernie polling at 94% on question if he should run for President. I like it..

I just went back to Yahoo to get a link and I can't find the news feed. I really did read it though, the poll even let me vote...

Okay, I found it: Bernie polling at 94% on question if he should...

Apr 24, 2015 · Bernie polling at 94% on question if he should run for ... The reception Sanders received — several delegates called him “electric” — surprised ...

I tuned in late for Morning Joe this a.m. as Mika was finishing up her segment on the Hillary

announcement. Mika also sounded enthused and positive. Joe then chimed in with "Whatever" and immediately went to his slobbering over Rubio... After his slobberfest Mika said nothing and he was watching her for a reaction. He got none. Halperin said Rubio would never get the nomination (first time I think I ever agreed with him on anything) and Joe was a little miffed. I turned the tv off..

Do we know when HRC's announcement will be made...The Masters is important too ya know.....n/t

Gov. Howard Dean just not excited or embracing the Iranian deal yet. Says he needs more info and

needs to read the fine print. Wilkerson is thrilled with it....WTH???? This exchange was on the Ed Show...
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