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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,572

Journal Archives

You can call me an alarmist a

troll a concerned citizen or a basher of the Democratic Party but unless I start seeing some real action from the DOJ regarding the Mueller report, the election crime happening in Arizona, a investigation into those responsible for the Capitol insurrection, the crimes of trump and the trump family, Rudy , Flynn, Barr etc. etc I will come to the conclusion that the Democratic Party will again allow crimes by our government officials to be swept under the carpet. We're not talking bad behavior here we are talking crimes/treason. I've been fooled too many times to think otherwise.

Quick rant here. If I'm going to be forced to

watch endless advertisements for prescription drugs and now even medical symptoms that your doctor can treat you for ( unless you want to pay and pay fees not to ) If I'm forced to watch commercials for Comcast, Disney, AT&T etc I would like either my prescription drugs or my internet paid for. Considering the whole premise of cable tv was you pay for a subscription you watch tv commercial free, remember ? ( yes I'm that old ) Pipe dream I know but I'm tired of being charged for the privilege of seeing ad upon ad esp. for drugs.

Great job Mr. President.

By the way ABC news. Chris Christie can kiss my ass with his analysis. Not a great hire for your Micky Mouse network. Pun intended.

I'm in a mood today. I'm so tired of investigations,

probes, hearings, inquiries into trump and his whole family, Gatez, Bill Barr, Rudy Gouliono, Mike flynn, DeVosses brother whoever the fuck his name is, Stone, the list of all these traitors goes on and on. I want charges, indictments, trials and prison time damnit. Where's the Tylenol ?

I've heard very little from AG Garland since his appointment.

Hopefully this is a good thing because he has a crew of TRUSTED investigators and prosecutors working on trumps many crimes. Along with Rudy and Bevis and Butthead , Gen. Flynn, Stone, Jared and the whole rancid gang of thieves. Not to mention the insurrection traitors both in and out of government. He should be very busy these days. Because of all this shit falls by the wayside again I for one will be very disheartened.

Megan on the view, to the Surgeon General , what can the "government" do to

persuade republicans who are unwilling to get vaccinated to get vaccinated ? Not the answer he gave but the one he should have. Get your collective heads out of your asses.

Popes have died. Presidents have passed. Kings and Queens have gone to the afterlife

but I've never seen mourning go on as long as the one in progress on right wing radio stations who Limbaugh was on. It's been what 4 weeks since the evil person died and it's like he never left. Most importantly he's still reading commercials so the $$$$ still coming in.

Looking for advice regarding dental implants or dentures.

I can't afford 30-60,000 dollars which is only price I'm seeing. Any suggestions ?

Every Republican needs to be asked

Do you believe it should be harder for American citizens to vote in every election ? Should we be making it easier to register every eligible person in America and provide easier to access to places to vote, vote by mail and extend days to vote ? If any of this bothers you explain why and provide HARD facts to support your objection. This constant attack on the right to vote is getting so old because All of the laws to suppress voting are all based on "some people say" or "we all know" regarding the virtual non-existent fraud in elections across the country. Facts have to be provided to back up any claims of fraud before any laws take effect. How any court can allow this laws to go forward is beyond me.

Nobody cares but I have to walk away for awhile.

I was soooo excited when Obama was elected and I could finally get healthcare coverage and so many other things I thought were important. Then along came McConnell and republicans to fuck things up. Then for no reason I can fathom we lost seats in Congress. I will never understand "democrats" who can't support their own party. I'd love to win an election that we actually win instead we have to constantly have to put up with DINO'S on top of republicans. I fear it will happen again and I can't take it again.
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