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Name: Karl
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,562

Journal Archives

The coup is complete.

Sadly they have all branches of government , complete control of the media - broadcast - print , support of wall street and the assistance from the financial side . The agencies entrusted to protect the USA and the Constitution have failed us and/or climbed onboard with those who's goal is total control . Do not see an out at this time.

Help and guidance needed.

In a few short weeks I've gone from being excited about the prospect of having a single payer type health care system and and in only seven long years until I can start receiving my social security after over 45 years of working. Now all of my wildest dreams are going down the shitter and I am really pissed. I am looking to protest with like minded people in the Chicago / northern Illinois area. I have tried the email , call your senator, congressperson etc route with the lack of success you would imagine. I have no money and precious little time but I need to do this and feel there may be more like me. Now that they have shut down protesting at the inauguration the message against trump and his rabid crew must get out . With the media as it is we have to take to the streets. Is there any such movement out there .

Is Guliani running for anything ?

Watched Hannity interview him and some poor woman had to stand behind him holding a large sign on a stick with his name on it. Felt so sorry for her.

I can't stand listening to the TRUMP spin

anymore. Please if there really is more to reveal on this slime please whoever has it let it fly. It's time to put the last nail in his coffin so he can't rise again. I can't look at his face,hear his name,listen to his supporters and slimy news reports on how he slithered out of this last mess. NO MORE please get it all out there.

TRUMP signs, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

In my neighborhood there were 3 TRUMP signs along with assorted other repuke candidate signs. Now all Trump signs are gone but the others remain. Reminds us that we need the presidency but also ALL the down ticket candidates as well. Please don't become too relaxed get out and vote ASAP. It isn't over till it's over.

An open letter to future President Clinton and

or anyone who has her ear. I will try to make this as brief as possible. As a "Obamacare" customer I was glad my wife and I could after a long time without could get health insurance coverage. But (always a but ) after having to change plans and companies every year due to changes in coverage,hospitals,doctors,cost,limited plans etc. it is becoming increasingly impossible to deal with. I am knock wood fairly healthy and rarely visit a doctor and never a hospital. My wife on the other hand has several issues depression, anxiety, IBS, and several others. She did after many tries find a psychiatrist who did more than push pills and listened to her. She was pleased and he issues were much better. After having to switch last Dec. this doctor was not on the new company approved list . Now Atena is dropping out of the program it's time to start over again . Please Ms Clinton make single payer health coverage a PRIORITY in your platform and sooner than later because I don't know what we will have to choose from this Dec. and am already struggling to make my subsidized payments now. I know I am not the only one in this pickle so anyone else in the same boat have any ideas to make this heard let me know. Thanks.

Someone was busy last night

in my northern suburb of Chicago. Trump signs lining major highway thru town . Must have been at least 50 in a 1/2 mile.

How do you like me now.

I wonder how the dim slew of military boosters at Trumps infomercial feel now that they were used and abused by the most qualified candidate ?

I don't know about you all but

I'm sick of this game I have to play every year with the AHC (Obamacare) . These insurance companies dropping out , changing plans , raising rates etc. Every year I have to start from scratch finding a plan that includes my wife's doctors , a hospital within hundreds of miles from home , covers the kind of care my wife requires . Looks like time to change doctors and insurers again. I'm freaking tired of it. SINGLE PAYER please ASAP. This is ridiculous.

Anyone else hearing the new Bengazi theory being floated around ?

The U.S. was running weapons through Bengazi , that's why we were there.
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