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aspirant's Journal
aspirant's Journal
February 28, 2015

How do we get all Populist votes to count?

The break downs on registered voters I've seen are roughly 32% Democrats, 28% Republicans and 40% Independents.

A number of states don't allow Independents to vote in Democratic primaries so the Democratic nominee doesn't truly represent the American Populist vote.

What happens to our Independent Brothers and Sisters if they have only a Corporatist (D) or a (R) to chose from? They have no Party Blood Oaths to bind them so the most likely scenario is a non-vote, a write-in vote or selected down ticket voting.

What % of the 40% Independents are Loyal Left? By the way the HRC crowd is demanding party votes, they are more than enough to change an election.

We have power in numbers, so could Grass Root write-in campaigns win? We wouldn't have to waste our money and time against Third Way Blue Dogs in primaries and just focus on the general. This could take some MONEY out of politics! Plus, doesn't Write-In votes bypass programmable voting machines and require hand counting?

February 18, 2015

The Democratic Compromise

With the Loyal Left Dems + Loyal left Independents we hold the key to winning and they know it.

The time has come that we get our just rewards. If they want our votes, they're not coming free.

Compose a Grand Democratic Compromise and if they ignore us then we stand united and HRC loses.

The Dem Party is split, the Loyal Left and the Selfish Corporatists and the only way the Party wins is unification.

We are tired of takers, always taking and demanding and rarely giving

If the corporatists don't care if it is Bush or Clinton we have called them out and everyone now sees they are the Emperors without clothes.

If they use the repub tactics of hate (you're not a Democratic if you don't vote for the nominee, so leave the party) and fear (SCOTUS will doom us) and won't compromise, it is they who will elect a repub President.

February 14, 2015

The Goal of a Push Poll

Right now maybe the focus should be on getting out the message (GOTM) rather than GOTV.

A push poll focuses on our principles and can be quite valuable on making a HRC comparision.

How much cheaper can we get (the cost of a phone call) for a direct advertising campaign with producible results for the general public. With a little emotional effect in the phrasing of our questions we can possibly instill a lasting effect into the individual participants.

Who cares if the right-wing dems laugh at our results because our GENUINE message is getting out and they know it.

This approach is GRASSROOTS, one person at a time, We can do it by community, state or national push polling and possibly use our new website,"Someone Else" for results.

Could this be as effective as door-to-door or be used in combination?

If we can set the standard then the candidates must weigh their options.

February 5, 2015

People Power

Not a fact yet, but the statements of Tom Wheeler indicate he's caving. What a huge success for people power. Millions of e-mails and protestors on the sidewalk in front of his home may just have turned the tide. When we point out that we know where you live it may add a very personal dimension to our stance.

With the power changing hands at the DOJ, maybe protesting and e-mailing could stress our points on war criminals and banksters getting prison sentences.This could also apply to the SEC.

How about the same pressure on the trade representative Froman and crashing websites.

Remember when Senator Sanders delivered hundreds of thousands of signed petitions to the White House to stop Chained CPI and it worked. Who is hiding all our signed petitions against Fast Track and TPP, isn't Bernie waiting.

These government agencies possess certain powers that don't require congressional approval, so why not get at it?

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