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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:47 PM
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The bridge beyond TPP

This trade deal actually rewrites the Constitution. No need to go thru the amendment procedure, just pass this bill and US laws are irrelevant.

The procedural changes we are following to go state by state with "Vote to Amend" are magically enacted in a single trade deal.

The corporatists have ALEC writing their legislation, where is our group that develops legislation for "The People."

It's easy to ignore EW or Sanders Bills when they don't come with a million plus USA citizens co-sponsoring them. Let's start funneling bills we write, without the wiggly legalize, thru our people politicians with the signed backing of a broad spectrum of Populists.

We want to take back our government, step beyond petitions and write mega-endorsed Populist bills at all levels of government.

Once we see real People Politicians representing us, we will support them.

Maybe this could help unite the "The Populist Movement".
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