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Member since: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 12:55 PM
Number of posts: 1,232

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What do you love about everyday interactions? The little acts of kindness you see as you go about

your life?

I like the occasional cashier who helps the little frail old man with shaking hands write his check, bag his groceries... I've seen them check dates on food for them to be sure they're not expired, or tie up the bag of apples. I like when they're more patient with our elderly people and don't rush them, huffing and stomping in frustration.

I like when people in line behind the little old man don't start huffing, grumbling and fidgeting while the little old man goes so slowly. When they realize it will be them one day.

I like people who smile and hold open the door, not as an afterthought, but just out of courtesy.

I like when people help a mom with a stroller and toddlers up or down the stairs without even thinking about it.

I like when teenage kids help a person with a heavy suitcase or large parcel up and down stairs or going through doorways.

I like when that guy doing 100 mph around the curve lets me in because my little car doesn't go quite as fast as his, without honking or blasting up my ass.

I like when people actually slow down at crosswalks to let people make their way. It's nice not to be run over!

I like when people come to a full stop at an intersection and look in all directions and let the other person go first, because you know, it doesn't really matter if I get there 3 seconds sooner.

I like when someone doesn't start grimacing and making faces and tsk tsk sounds when a toddler is acting up, because, you know, toddlers do. I like when a total stranger takes a moment to distract the toddler (in a cart, perfectly safe of course) from her tantrum with a smile or funny face or a simple 'hello baby!'

I like when people stop to help someone who's dropped something...

I like when the person with full shopping cart lets the guy on his short lunch break cut ahead in line with his sandwich and bottle of water instead of making them wait 10 minutes.

I like when strangers help someone looking clearly confused and lost, giving them directions.

What kindnesses have you witnessed that make you smile? What kindnesses do you practice every day?
Posted by underahedgerow | Tue Jul 28, 2015, 12:23 AM (10 replies)

Top 10 Women Tennis Players of all time, guess who is number 1?

And I'll tell you what; the women on this list, with but one exception and all of whom are incredible; have slender, slim, muscular bodies that could (arguably) be described as 'masculine.' The only exception IS Serena Williams, who's body shape is deliciously curvy and muscular, at the same time. She got a lot of grief early in her career for being 'too busty'; you see, according to critics, her boobs would get in the way!

Maybe it's time for the menfolk to re-evaluate their own definition of 'masculine'. Maybe Ms. Williams is re-defining the real shape of women!

Hey, what is masculine these days? Firemen are masculine! I like firemen....

Posted by underahedgerow | Tue Jul 14, 2015, 07:18 AM (0 replies)

I'm remembering back when President Obama was re-elected, how soooo many people were going on about

how he was going to be a 'lame duck' President. How he was just going to kick back and take it easy... Especially in the mid-term elections with the GOP taking a lot of seats, how he was just going to be defeated at every turn.

Can I say

"SUCK IT" to the GOP in general without getting alerted on?

I'm really, really pleased with this President. He's going to leave some very big shoes to fill.

And he's still got a couple years to go. I can't wait to see what's next on his Biggest Hits list!
Posted by underahedgerow | Sat Jun 27, 2015, 12:12 PM (69 replies)

What's your strangest coincidence, ever? Such as running into someone on the street in a far

away city, years apart, etc?

Last summer I was standing on a street corner in Paris, looking for a taxi. One way street, looking to my left. I looked over my shoulder to the right to see how far away the metro was, weighing my options. I look left again, and look right again as someone caught my eye. I look harder, and harder.... I see a big beautiful black woman with the best smile ever, and I look again, she looks like my friend Toya whom I had worked with for 12 years in Los Angeles.

I yell, "Toya? Is that you?" And of course it was! She says to me, 'D___ and I googled you last week trying to find you! I figured if it was meant to be, I'd find you!" And so she did. Standing on the same street corner thousands of miles away in a giant, enormous, anonymous city....

I hadn't see her of course in nearly 10 years, nor spoken, talked or texted with her. I'd spoken of her with a mutual friend, that was about it. She was always a person whom I remembered fondly all those 20+ years.

We went for coffee and dinner and got caught up, and I got to show her some bits of my Paris. We commiserated, shared stories and had a lovely, lovely evening. It was good to see an old friend.

What's your weird, wild and wonderful coincidence?
Posted by underahedgerow | Mon Apr 27, 2015, 01:54 PM (24 replies)
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