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Ferd Berfel

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Member since: Sat Jan 3, 2015, 12:39 PM
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GOP Failed Experiment With Trickle-Down Economics; Kansas Governor Could Raid The School Budget

Let’s see, Trickle down (your leg) fails miserably and predictably. And rather than bring taxes on the fat cats back up to where they NEED to be, we’ll steal from the kids and the future of the State and Nation. Hmmm…. PERFECT!

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) is reportedly getting ready to propose some form of revenue increases as part of a plan to fix the nearly $900 million budget hole his tax cuts created for the state. But whatever cracks are emerging in his anti-tax facade, the conservative governor’s response to the budget crisis is more likely to focus on spending for the state’s already flailing schools.

“Revenue didn’t come in quite as was projected,” chief of staff Jon Hummel told the Wichita Eagle [snip]

Brownback’s State of the State address Thursday will outline how he plans to both cover a $200 million shortfall in the current fiscal year and fill an additional $648 million gap in next year’s projections,[snip]

None of this means the diehard conservative will reverse course or even make small concessions to critics who have warned for years that his trickle-down tax cuts would harm the Kansas economy, [snip]

Kansas Association of School Boards Associate Executive Director Mark Tallman said that would be a high-risk strategy with many complex moving parts, and no guarantee of turning up savings. [snip]

http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2015/01/13/3610739/kansas-brownback-budget-crisis-preview/ ]
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