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Panich52's Journal
Panich52's Journal
March 1, 2015

Read in Discover mag couple years ago about their ability to recognize faces

What’s the News: A few years ago scientists learned that American crows can recognize and remember human faces, particularly faces they associate with bad experiences. Now, new research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B shows that the birds can share that knowledge of dangerous humans with other crows.

How the Heck:

•Five years ago, zoologist John Marzluff and his research team at the University of Washington trapped, banded, and released 7–15 American crows at five different sites near Seattle. Before trapping the birds, the researchers donned different rubber masks specific to each site (a caveman face, for example). While the birds were caged, nearby crows circled the site and sounded alarm calls.

•The team then tested the crows’ reactions to the masks. Over the first two weeks, about 26 percent of the crows that the researchers encountered scolded—with a harsh, repeated kaw, accompanied by wing and tail flicking—the masked enemies. Groups of crows would sometimes mob the researchers as well, squawking and dive bombing them. When the researchers wore different, neutral masks, the crows normally did not react, suggesting that the tagged birds, as well as the birds that watched the tagging, remembered the “dangerous humans.”

•Over time, more crows joined in on scolding the masked researchers. In a little more than a year, over 30 percent of encountered crows reacted, and by three years, about 66 percent did. That percentage has continued to increase. Interestingly, the crows did not need repeated reminders of their enemies. “They hadn’t seen me for a year with the mask on and when I walked out of the office they immediately scolded me,” Marzluff told ABC.

March 1, 2015

Daily Cute: Baby Squirrel Gets Adopted by Mama Cat

A baby squirrel falls out of a tree into the backyard of a home with a newly-born family of kittens. The squirrel is quickly welcomed in as one of the family and even learns to purr!

March 1, 2015

So when was any branch of govt reluctant to avail itself of the power given it?

Besides, post ofc predates Constitution and was deemed vital to a working democracy.

John Nichols has written excellent pieces in The Nation and elsewhere on this: (His best one, for some reason, comes up as 'not found' despite showing up on Google)


Trisha Marczak:
“The Post Office was given a mission in the founding of our country — if we were going to have a democracy, citizens need to be informed, and the only way to really inform people in small communities is through their newspaper,” National Newspaper Association President Reed Anfinson told MintPress.

Those favoring the USPS claim that the private sector doesn’t have the infrastructure for an entire replacement, as companies like FedEx and UPS rely on the USPS to deliver to areas that generate mild mail delivery traffic.


The History Channel
... In 1707, the British government established the position of Postmaster General to better coordinate postal service in the colonies, though the business was still conducted largely by private individuals. In 1737, a 31-year-old American colonist named Benjamin Franklin took over as Postmaster General and oversaw the colonial postal service from England until he was dismissed for subversive acts on behalf of the rebellious colonies in 1774. Franklin then returned to America and helped create a rival postal system for the emerging nation. ...

... Although Article IX of the Articles of Confederation written in 1781 authorized Congress to [establish and regulate] post offices from one State to another, the formation of an official U.S. Postal Service remained a work in progress.

Finally, on February 20, 1792, President Washington formally created the U.S. Postal Service with the signing of the Postal Service Act, which outlined in detail Congressional power to establish official mail routes. The act allowed for newspapers to be included in mail deliveries and made it illegal for postal officials to open anyone's mail. ...



February 5, 2015

Daily cute: kitten has foolproof attack plan. Or not

Daily cute: kitten has foolproof attack plan. Or not

How to plan an attack on your feline friend. Step one: approach the target carefully, making sure to freeze whenever they might see you or suspect something. Step two: Prepare for attack when close enough. If the plan backfires and your target attacks first, revert to plan B: confuse them, whether this involves flaunting your hindquarters or standing on your head. Then retreat in the fastest way possible. Guaranteed to work every time.

"Sneak up, confuse, escape"


February 3, 2015

Yall gotta see this! A deer walks up to a house...

A Deer Walked Up To This House One Day. And They NEVER Saw The Rest Coming.

Don't forget the cat...


February 2, 2015

Criminalizing the poor

Criminalizing the poor

The ACLU’s Blog of Rights features a guest post by Kevin Thompson, who explains how a traffic ticket he couldn’t afford to pay in 30 days and a load of fines levied by a for-profit “parole” company led to five days in jail.


February 2, 2015

Here Is How Every Senator Voted On The KeystoneXL Pipeline: PoliticusUSA

Here Is How Every Senator Voted On The KeystoneXL Pipeline: PoliticusUSA


Want to know your Rep's & Sens' Twitter address?
Link f/ Congressional Tweeps:


February 2, 2015

Miracle or zombie cat?

Tampa TV station reports that a Florida cat named “Bart” was struck by a car, declared dead by veterinarians and buried by his grieving family, but somehow recovered, crawled his way out of the grave and showed up on a neighbor’s doorstep. Bart is being called both a “miracle cat” and a “zombie cat,” which is probably a Rorschach test of sorts


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