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Oneironaut's Journal
Oneironaut's Journal
August 8, 2015

Can we agree that Trump is 2016's Fred Thompson?

Remember how well Fred Thompson did with Conservatives initially? Remember the deer-in-headlights looks his supporters had when he actually opened his mouth in the debates? Yup.

I'm starting to wonder if Trump would have had more of a shot going dark until Election Day, and just riding his reality show persona? He has the charisma of a drunk goat.

April 18, 2015

Saying dumb shit for attention and profit.

Since this is a thing now, I wish the Internet would stop playing into the hands of the latest horde of scammers, attention-seekers, and general idiots. The latest trend seems to be to wait until the conditions are right, say something so vile and stupid that it pisses most normal people off, and then sick like-minded morons on any resistance.

Another trend is to be an asshole and then mysteriously have a GoFundMe page set up in your name. How convenient. It's almost like people are being scammed or something...

Can the Internet stop falling for such obvious trolling? Of course not. It never will. Not when every idiot with extra cash falls for the same textbook idiocy over and over again.

April 11, 2015

Is there a bigger scam than "Prosperity Gospel?"

"Prosperity Gospel" states that ones wealth is a sign of how much God has blessed them. If someone is poor, then they are probably going to Hell. If someone is rich, then God loves them. Of course, you can make God happier by donating to the church, but Prosperity Gospel dictates that people who donate to charities are idiots who should have just kept their money instead. Yes, people actually believe this. I'm serious.

Especially egregious is that "prosperity gospel" is usually taught in Mega-Churches where the preacher jumps into a $100,000 sports car after mass and drives to one of his mansions. What's ironic is that most followers of it are poor themselves.


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