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Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 10:28 PM
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Why is There Even a Green Party?

This is something I’ve never understood - What is the point of having a party that:

A - Never wins elections
B - Actually hurts their agenda by stealing votes away from Democratic candidates, giving anti-environmentalists a greater chance of winning?

Wouldn’t they have more success running as Democrats instead? I don’t get it.

Mass. Trooper sues after being told to alter arrest report of judges daughter


Massachusetts Trial Court officials and state police are defending their actions after a trooper filed suit alleging that top police commanders disciplined him and forced him to revise an arrest report for a judge's daughter.

Trooper Sceviour's lawsuit alleges that after he arrested Bibaud for driving under the influence near Worcester last month, he was told to revise the arrest report

Two days after Bibaud's arrest, the lawsuit alleges that a trooper came to Sceviour's house and took him to meet with top police officials. There, Sceviour says, he was told to falsify records and remove the references to sex and Bibaud's father so as not to embarrass the judge.

Sceviour says he was told that the changes were "ordered by the colonel" — which he presumes meant State Police Colonel Richard McKeon, who supervises the state police. The suit goes on to say that a state police major told Sceviour that he was being “ordered” to make the changes in the arrest report — an order that came from the state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.

OP comment - For every time that you hear about something like this happening, there are probably 100 times that you don’t...

Complete assclowns try to open carry into a police station.


Really? How could someone possible think this was a good idea? The police showed heavy restraint.
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