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Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 10:28 PM
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We cannot let Trump become worse than Bush.

Of course, there’s still time, but with Bush we had:

- The Iraq War, which killed millions of people
- Mercenaries running around shooting people in New Orleans. The President’s mother felt that they were better off this way.
- High profile Liberals being blackballed from their positions because they only disagreed with the Iraq War. You were either “with them or against them,” and free thought was heavily discouraged in favor of rigorously-enforced group-think.
- The media was totally in the tank for Bush, and made its mission spouting cartoonish patriotic platitudes while negatively stereotyping all Liberals.
- The oxymoronic “Patriot Act”
- “Mission Accomplished”
- Dick Cheney and his thirst for never-ending war
- An administration that would have invaded Iran next, had there not been such war weariness
- The prospect of gay marriage looked bleak
- Gay people were literally not allowed in our military. They had to keep quiet, almost like criminals
- A bunch of other stuff that was equally as terrible. Too many things to list.

I know it’s only been over a year, but we will get through this. Not to minimize Trump, but we’ve gone through this and worse before. Now is not the time to fight over petty issues (not that you can’t make your opinion known!) - a united front will minimize the damage Trump and his cronies can do.

We came so far in 8 years, but we’re falling into the abyss again. I’m confident we can get through this, but we need to start rallying now. It’s already 2018!
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