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Oneironaut's Journal
Oneironaut's Journal
June 27, 2018

Dear movie stars, politicians, rich people, respected community leaders - stop tweeting and start

organizing! I keep hearing that “Twitter is outraged” by Trump’s latest actions. Guess what? This administration doesn’t care! Twitter outrage is easily ignored.

We need money, and lots of it. We need events and protests created to energize the Democratic base. The protests against Trump’s immigration policies were a great start - we need this on a constant basis.

We need singers, movie stars, comedians, respected members of the community, fiery politicians, and people that Trump has hurt to form as a solitary movement to flip the power dynamic in the country!

The regular person isn’t gong to make enough of a dent. We need organization, big names, and most of all, cash!

Where are you, Hollywood? We need you now more than ever! Remember the womens’ March? Do that - often! We can forment a huge movement to take our country back, but we need to lay the foundation first.

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