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Parents, students complain East Baton Rouge schools field trip was more like church service.


Brittney Byrant, a biology teacher at Woodlawn High and the mother of a senior at the school, was one of those who took to Facebook to register her concerns. She’d learned the day before that she was serving as a chaperone for the event, accompanying her child. Bryant particularly objected to the organizer’s decision to separate the audience by gender and have the girls listen to a series of emotional talks from three female speakers.

“They talked about rape (and) forgiving the offender, suicide, prayer leadership, and many more dark controversial topics. We had females in the bathrooms crying due to the topics of discussion,” Bryant wrote.

Her transgender child, who identifies as “he,” tried to walk out as the “girl talk” started and was initially barred from leaving, the mother said. Bryant said she also heard that other transgender students were bullied Tuesday.


Summary -

- Baton Rouge High School students were brought on “field trip” to a “career fair,” which turned out to be church retreat
- Boys and girls were separated.
- The boys’ events including doing push-ups competitively to earn money in a ‘hyper-macho’ atmosphere.
- The girls were proselytized about church dogma, including ‘forgiving their rapist’ and purity culture.
- A transgender boy was forced to attend the girls’ lecture and couldn’t leave. At the end, there was some ceremony where he was “cleansed” by having water poured over his head to convert him.
- The entire event was highly misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, and left students traumatized.

What the fuck!?
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