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Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich's Journal
Cheese Sandwich's Journal
October 21, 2015

Wealth therapy tackles woes of the rich: 'Itís really isolating to have lots of money'

Dressed in comfortable pants and a flannel shirt, Cockrell, a former Wall Street worker turned therapist, spends large parts of his days walking through Central Park or the Battery Park in downtown Manhattan near Wall Street, as a confidant and counsellor to some of the New York’s wealthiest.

“I shifted toward it naturally,” he said of his becoming an expert in wealth therapy. “We are trained to have empathy, no judgment and so many of the uber wealthy – the 1% of the 1% – they feel that their problems are really not problems. But they are. A lot of therapists do not give enough weight to their issues.”

And as they stroll through Manhattan, what issues are America’s 1% struggling with? There is guilt over being rich in the first place, he said. There is the feeling that they have to hide the fact that they are rich. And then there is the isolation – being in the 1%, it turns out, can be lonely. It seems F Scott Fitzgerald was right, the very rich “are different from you and me”. Especially in 2015.

From the Bible to the Lannisters of Game of Thrones, it’s easy to argue that the rich have always been vilified, scorned and envied. But their counsellors argue things have only gotten worse since the financial crisis and the debate over income inequality that has been spurred on by movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Fight for $15 fair wage campaign.
October 20, 2015

What's Inside Brooklyn Navy Yard's Building 664?

Labor violations on par with sweatshops in Bangladesh, factory workers say. But building managers blocked a reporter from looking inside.

For the past decade, in a windowless, 160,000-square-foot warehouse tucked along the eastern edge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard — under the nose of Brooklyn politicians, developers and high-profile neighbors — more than 200 laborers claim they’ve been toiling in hellish conditions that have crippled them physically, broken them down mentally and, more than once, endangered their lives.

The facility is the main manufacturing plant for B&H Photo, the consumer electronics giant whose Manhattan megastore and online catalog are beloved by photo and film enthusiasts all over the world.

Its little-known factory is known only as Building 664.

And if the chilling stories B&H Photo factory workers now tell about life inside Building 664 turn out to be true, the factory should, under New York state labor law, easily qualify as a sweatshop, according to Stephanie Luce, a professor of labor studies for the City University of New York (CUNY).
more: http://patch.com/new-york/fortgreene/whats-inside-brooklyn-navy-yards-building-664
October 20, 2015

U.N. leader urges calm amid escalating Palestinian-Israeli violence

Source: USA Today

In a surprise visit to Jerusalem on Tuesday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for calm, saying "no society should live in fear," in the latest attempt to stem escalating violence in the region.

Later, he was scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Palestinian President Abbas and other senior officials in a bid to help defuse tensions.

Over the past month, 10 Israelis have been killed in Palestinian attacks, most of them stabbings, and 44 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, including 21 described by Israel as attackers. The rest died in clashes with Israeli troops. An Eritrean migrant died Sunday after being mistakenly shot by an Israeli security guard and then beaten by a mob that mistook him for a Palestinian attacker.

“My visit reflects the sense of global alarm at the dangerous escalation in violence between Israelis and Palestinians,” Ban said during a press conference with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday, according to AP. “I am here to encourage and support all efforts to lower tensions and prevent the situation from spinning out of control.”

Read more: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/10/20/israel-arrests-senior-hamas-leader/74255198/

Israeli soldiers in the West Bank
October 19, 2015

Bernie's underwear: Sanders Clarifies How Many Pairs He Owns - claims an "ample supply"

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday joked about Larry David’s portrayal of him on "Saturday Night Live," telling reporters during a campaign stop that he recently bought a second pair of underwear.

“This is a serious question,” Sanders said with a laugh following a house party in Iowa City, after a reporter asked him if he only owned one pair of underpants.

“Yes, last week I bought my second pair of underwear,” Sanders said, making it clear he was joking and that he has an “ample supply.”

Viewers went wild for the "Saturday Night Live" performance from David, who donned a wig, used a similar accent and joked that the Vermont senator only owned one pair of underwear.

“When I was mayor of the city of Burlington, I think I only had one suit,” Sanders said. “But now as a United States senator, I have increased my supply of suits as well.”
October 19, 2015

Israel probes mob assault on African bystander shot amid latest violence

Source: Washington Post

An African asylum seeker was shot by an Israeli guard who mistook him for an assailant and was then kicked by a mob as he lay bleeding before he died, according to a video posted Monday amid a wave of violence that has left the nation on edge.

While images of the growing Arab-Israeli tensions have dominated the news here for weeks — showing Israeli soldiers in residential streets and Palestinians facing checkpoints and searches — the video from Sunday’s assault offered a vivid tableau of Israelis’ anger and frustration at their inability to quell the violence.

It also appeared to display increasing hard-line reactions from Israeli security forces and guards, whose tactics have drawn harsh criticism — especially from Palestinians — that Israel is using excessive force instead of trying to apprehend suspects.

Since the start of October, eight Israelis have been killed by Palestinians in nearly 30 attacks that have raised fears that a wider Palestinian uprising could be looming. At least 18 of the assailants were shot and killed on the spot by police, soldiers or security guards.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/sunday-stabbing-and-shooting-attack-in-negev-desert-leaves-two-dead/2015/10/19/79767c0e-7637-11e5-a958-d889faf561dc_story.html

October 19, 2015

Sanders supporters: What is the difference between a liberal and a democratic socialist?

Clearly there is some difference. I have some ideas on it but what do you think?

Sanders says he is not a liberal, never has been one:
Sanders: I’m not a liberal. Never have been

What's up with that?

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