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Member since: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 01:23 PM
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Now then, do you think that Republicans aren't prepared to modify the SC?

I apologize about not including the link. I copied this portion from a FB article, which when I went back to copy the link, could no longer find the original, as each time I go back in, I have an entirely new set of posts. I will be more diligent in the future.

DeSantis adds one more reason to support President Biden.
He offers 8 years to push #SCOTUS further to the right, calling for new justices in the mold of Clarence Thomas and “improvements” to others such as Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., a Republican appointee who has sometimes sided with the court’s liberal wing.
"We have the opportunity to fortify justices … Alito and Thomas as well as actually make improvements with those others, and if you were able to do that, you would have a 7-2 conservative majority on the Supreme Court that would last a quarter-century,” DeSantis added to raucous applause at a Christian media conference in Orlando.

Parking structure collapse at Bayshore Town Center

in Milwaukee. Third and second floors appear to have collapsed. This is just being announced so I have no press threads. No word of injuries at this point.

Hey, I need your help.

Lately when I open DU, I’m getting a totally different home page. It’s still DU, but with a completely different format, which I don’t care for.

Are formatting changes being made? I need to exit and re-enter numerous times to get to the “normal” pages that I usually read.

Thanks to those who gave little old me some hearts. I'm relatively unknown, but appreciative.

Hey, thanks for the heart!

I believe that I’m relatively obscure here on DU, so I appreciate the heart.


Jim (gym) Jordan to head the Judiciary Committee?

Have you ever heard of anything more absurd? This guy shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street without a crossing guard holding his hand.

He finds a legally issued subpoena can be ignored on his part while at the same time feeling empowered to issue said subpoenas on others and actually expect compliance? Really? Am I in dreamland or something? Is Gym smoking loco weed?

My God, I pray that there will be enough Republican House members who have any sort of common sense left who will side with Democrats to stop this insanity of the Free Dumb Caucus.

Altogether now: Please Lord ………………………..

Could we be witnessing the demise of Vladimir Putin?

Could his apparent blunder against a determined populace be the undoing of his brutal reign? The stories now emerging indicate significant displeasure in his decision making.

It is becoming more apparent day by day that Putin’s days as the undisputed leader may be numbered. If, in fact we actually witness this downfall, I would view this as the ultimate irony, and a gut punch to the ribs of TFG.

One can only hope.

The gloves are off. Is it time to appoint additional SC justices? We're spiraling downward

and damn well better consider getting in the fight. Inch by inch, day by day, the other side makes gains (?) while we watch, and has been doing so for years. Yes, I know, the 1/6 Committee is doing groundbreaking work, and I applaud them, but if TFG gets away with the attempted overthrow of our democracy without consequences for him and his cabal of cronies, it’s game over.

Popular opinion is null and void. It’s past the time to get serious.

And then there was Eric Prince. Does anybody know what he's been up to?

There has been basically no chatter about Prince and his little band of mercenaries for quite some time. Russia is utilizing the Wagner Group - Prince’s alter ego, to do their dirty work. I wonder if certain munition and oil / fuel storage depots both in Ukraine and Russia have been targeted by those who remain heretofore anonymous?

Here's a thought.

Is it possible that after TFG’s reign, along with his willingness to possibly hand over security secrets to the Russians, that Putin just wanted to create a scenario that would reveal how we and our allies would react in such a situation - our submarine and warship deployments, air brigades, troop assembly and deployments, armament movements, logistics, etc.

I stated earlier that I had doubts that Putin would actually invade Ukraine, as he has far more to lose than to gain. He now has better knowledge of strategies of his adversaries and the method by which we respond.

In the guise of faking a conflict he has exposed how his adversaries will counter. And the chess game moves on.
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