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Mango Mussolini didn't simply "take" classified documents. THIS IS THEFT.

Some of these documents are so highly classified that they are to never leave secure premises. This is absolutely theft; theft of highly classified information.

So, he had to have known what the material contained and he had to have persuaded someone to remove it from the premises. This person needs to be found. In addition, classified materials are guarded. They had to get around that guard too. That person also need to be found.

This is interesting:

All classified material must be stored in a secure room, a GSA-approved storage container, such as a cabinet or safe or a vault or modular vault, or a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).

a. Confidential material may be stored in a secure room, a cabinet or safe, or a vault or modular vault. Confidential information may also be stored in a SCIF. No additional protection is required to store Confidential material in any of these containers or facilities.

b. Secret material may also be stored in a secure room, a cabinet or safe, a vault or modular vault, or a
SCIF. However, if Secret material is stored in a secure room, then supplemental controls are required to ensure its protection. We'll look later at the specific supplemental controls required for Secret material.

c. Top Secret Like the lower levels of classified material, Top Secret material may also be stored in a secure room, a cabinet or safe, a vault or modular vault, or a SCIF. However, regardless of whether it is stored in a secure room, a cabinet or safe, or a vault, Top Secret material always requires supplemental controls. We'll look later at the specific supplemental controls required for Top Secret material.

d. Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) There is only one acceptable place to store SCI, and that is in a SCIF. Although any type of classified material may also be stored in a SCIF, SCI may NOT be stored in anything other than a SCIF.

There's so much more: https://www.cdse.edu/Portals/124/Documents/student-guides/shorts/IFS0024-guide.pdf



I think everyone is sleeping on the fact that before they got the warrants the DOJ was given surveillance footage of the rooms in which the documents were stored.
They got video of who looked at them THEN went in.
Chew on what that implies for a second. It tastes like treason.

Wasn't the House planning to vote on the IRA bill today?

Or did I get the date wrong?

New York judge rules criminal case against the Trump Organization and former CFO Allen Weisselberg..

New York judge rules criminal case against the Trump Organization and former CFO Allen Weisselberg can proceed

A New York State judge ruled Friday that a criminal fraud and tax evasion prosecution against the Trump Organization and its former CFO, Allen Weisselberg, can proceed.

Weisselberg and the company asked a judge in February to dismiss all 15 counts charged against them. Judge Juan Merchan dismissed one of several tax fraud counts against the Trump Organization, but allowed all others to remain.

Attorneys for Weisselberg and the company did not immediately comment on Friday's decisions.

More: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-york-judge-rules-criminal-case-against-the-trump-organization-and-former-cfo-allen-weisselberg-can-proceed/

I see so much discussion today about the seriousness of electing that POS

Man, it's way too late now.

But with this classified document fiasco, suddenly everybody realizes how absolutely stupid America was to elect that motherfucker.

Only now do people realize what a colossal mistake that was?

I can't WAIT for the day when no one is discussing Mango Mussolini anymore

Jeebus, I am sick to death of that motherfucker. I can't wait until he's either dead or in prison and no one talks about him anymore. That would be the best revenge - to be utterly forgotten, unimportant, a footnote. Nobody cares anymore. Everyone has moved on. Can you imagine?

There are so many important things in the world to consider and I am so sick of his malignant drama overtaking this country since 2016. It feels kind of like being stuck in a fucked-up family with a constantly drunk parent and the entire family has to constantly tiptoe around him, and every single thing revolves around him. Feels like we'll never be free of him.

So, what should be done - if anything - about spreading violent rhetoric?

I heard an interesting discussion today regarding the violent threats being regularly discussed and spread over all sorts of social media platforms. And it isn't all just talk - some of this gets acted on. The violent garbage Mango Mussolini spreads has become the way the right speaks. They've picked it up.

The magistrate judge who signed the search warrant has been doxxed with threats to his life, his family's lives, and there has been talk of hurting his children. The synagogue he attends can't have services because of threats (some religious freedom, eh?).

So yeah, the 1st Amendment gives us freedom of speech. But does it protect threats? The SCOTUS ruled that yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater isn't protected speech. Should violent threats be protected?

Do social media platforms have an obligation to tamp it down?



It's looking probable that the orange fuck will be prosecuted for the FELONY of stealing - and holding - classified information, made a FELONY by his own action as "president."

Karma in action, folks.

Merrick Garland appreciation thread

Joe Biden knew what he was up against when choosing an attorney general. Merrick Garland knew what he was up against when he took the job.

They both knew the ex-president is a criminal and that he committed a metric buttload of crimes while in office.

They both knew that shit was going to get political, no ifs, ands, or buts.

They both knew that prosecuting an ex-president would open up a political can of worms and there is no way to avoid that.

They both knew they had to make decisions that would make the reich wing explode with rage.

They both know (present tense) that NOT prosecuting these massive political crimes would be worse than prosecuting them.

It looks to me that somewhere along the way, maybe very recently, Merrick Garland ran out of fucks to give, and he is now seizing cell phones, subpoenaing records, taking depositions, obtaining the J6 committee's investigatory material, and he's going after all these criminal fucks.

All along the way he has told us that no one is above the law and that he would follow the evidence no matter where it leads. We needed to believe him, even when it looked like we shouldn't have hope.

The best we can do now is to continue to voice our support for going after these fucks. And if you want to contact the DOJ for any reason - even to thank them and give them support - you can do it here: https://www.justice.gov/contact-us

Why the Trump search warrant is nothing like Hillary's emails


This is rch:


In the absence of more detailed information about the investigation, itís unclear what potential crimes DOJ is probing. Notably, Trump ó after a fierce campaign against Clinton in which he called for her to be jailed for her handling of classified material ó signed a law in 2018 that stiffened the penalty for the unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents from one year to five years, turning it into a felony offense.

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