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Jeff Sessions Reveals Specifics of TPP

Jeff Sessions has defied threats to prosecute those who disclose specifics of the trade agreement. He has revealed content. Others should read the document and speak up. Would Obama order the DOJ to prosecute senators who disclose contents of this odious bill? That heavy-handedness would only serve to doom passage of the TPP forever. I also believe that constitutional questions about the so-called confidentiality of this document would arise.

See this article in Truthout:


Social Justice Christianity

Social justice Christianity is directly opposed to "fundie" fascism. It emphasizes the dignity of each and every unique human being and the importance of the common good. It is closely allied to socialism and democracy, in that it stresses the need to work together to improve the lot of everyone, through growth of community and communication. It stresses tolerance, compassion, and cooperation.

Being a humanist and not affiliated with any one religion, I am nevertheless entirely comfortable with progressive Christian humanism and am surprised but pleased to find it in O'Malley. I believe that this is not a man who will sell out or betray those who support him. He will make mistakes, but he will do his best to make make things better rather than worse for the majority of his fellow Americans.

O'Malley is a complicated, but simple and decent man. He believes in universal human rights, including marriage equality and women's rights. He also believes in getting things done, using common sense and practical organization.

He is a pragmatist guided by universal human moral principles, shared by all religious or non-religious persons who strive to improve the lot of human beings and their children.

I am more impressed by him every day.

Martin O'Malley's Social Justice Religious Background

"For 2016, Take Martin O’Malley Seriously," by Jonathan Miller

This interesting article from 2014 provides excellent background about O'Malley's liberal Catholic religious background and the role it plays in solving problems in the public sphere. Here are some excerpts:

The Maryland governor is a problem-solver and a social-justice Catholic who can transcend the left-right divide. Keep an eye on him.

In his potential White House run, however, O’Malley won’t be pursuing the DLC’s lurch-to-the-center path. Nor will he be following the liberal orthodoxy. Indeed, it’s the Maryland Governor’s uniquely post-Clinton, post-Obama positioning that makes him this handicapper’s pick to emerge as the dark horse with the most potent stretch kick in the 2016 presidential derby.

The most compelling reason? As O’Malley demonstrated in the immigration debate, he’s the rare progressive to frame his strongly felt policy positions in the language of faith. It’s the passionate application of universal moral values by this devout Catholic that has the potential to upend the usual partisan and ideological categories that are choking today’s body politic.

But the most interesting thing about O’Malley is his exploration of an intriguing, heart-centered strategy that could potentially shake up our national political paradigm: using the language of faith and universal moral values to ground public policy.

The entire article can be found here:


William Pitt has hit the nail on the head.

I can understand why people are in denial about this. Looking behind the curtain to see what our "masters" are up to can be absolutely horrific. Elizabeth Warren believes she can turn Clinton around and convince her to serve the people rather than the corporations. I am not optimistic. I believe that the intent of the oligarchy is to take the rest of our blood. With Clinton, this will happen more slowly. With Walker, the carnage will be rapid. Walker will do to the nation what he did to Wisconsin. From the standpoint of the oligarchy, Wisconsin is a "success" story. From the standpoint of the rest of us, it is a nightmarish hell on earth. Median income in Wisconsin has dropped $9000 since Walker began his mischief at the bidding of his masters. That is what "they" are planning for us.

Sanders and Warren are prophets in the wilderness. They know what TPP is about. They know what will become of this once beautiful country if TPP is passed. They know what will happen to environmental regulations, unions, drug prices, food inspection and labeling, wages, health care, social security, education and working conditions if TPP is passed. But it is hard to give up old loyalties and comforting beliefs. Denial is a protective measure of the human psyche; is a psychological mechanism for retaining some semblance of comfort and security. The truth is that Obama is not on our side and has never been. Even Affordable Care is a republican invention, designed to provide some relief to people without insurance, but a whole lot of money to the healthcare and insurance industry.

Obama revealed his true face when he talked down to Elizabeth Warren. But he has done that before. Time after time, he has trashed heroic progressive democrats and left republican enemies alone. Even more, he has courted republicans, negotiated with them when he didn't have to, and overlooked the most vile and racist attacks on his person. Why? Because both Obama and republicans serve the same masters. And Obama will be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams when he leaves office, if he can manage to make one last capitulation that hands US sovereignty over to the oligarchs.

We are not in charge anymore, folks. We haven't been in charge for a long time. Sanders and Warren are heroes. However futile it may seem, it is courageous for them to stand up to those who own most of the money and power. When times get very hard, when things seem impossible, when the darkness of greed seems to overtake our country, that is when great and heroic human beings make their appearance and we are reminded of the values we have forgotten and taken for granted. Great suffering becomes fertile soil for great idealism and new hope. Hope for Obama was a false hope. Let's not get fooled again.

Principles for O'Malley

O'Malley attended the Jesuit Gonzaga High School and graduated from The Catholic University of America, before earning his law degree at the University of Maryland School of Law. His Jesuit and Catholic education provided O'Malley with excellent training in ethics and philosophy, courses mandatory at The Catholic University of America. His essentially pragmatic approach to problem-solving is guided by adherence to principles, and he is especially committed to the idea of the dignity of each and every human being. The term "human dignity" has appeared in many of his speeches, as long as I can remember. The term "common good," which lost favor with Reagan conservatism, has also been a consistent theme in O'Malley's speeches. O'Malley's opposition to the death penalty, like his support of marriage equality, is rooted in his belief in the dignity of each and every unique human being. I believe that, for O'Malley, governing a city, state, or nation is like being a lead musician in a band, where each individual and different musician and instrument contributes to the harmony of the whole.

O'Malley Opposes Detention Centers for Families

"Martin O'Malley Criticizes 'Detention Camps' For Immigrant Families"

WASHINGTON -- Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley criticized the Obama administration -- albeit not by name -- on Friday for continuing to detain undocumented women and children.

"We should not be in the business of building barbed wire detention camps. Detentions are cruel, costly & against our values-esp for families," O'Malley, who is weighing a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, tweeted.

O'Malley also tweeted the link to a New York Times editorial published Friday calling for an end to the "immoral" practice of detaining families in deportation proceedings. "Let's lead with our principles & end them," he added in a second tweet.

Full article here:


Thursday night conference calls say O'Malley "more inclined than ever" to run.

"O’Malley steps up planning for White House bid"

"Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley made it clearer than ever that he will run for president in 2016 during a series of conference calls Thursday night with friends, former staffers and other supporters, participants in those calls said.

"O’Malley stopped short of explicitly confirming his bid for the White House, participants said. But he and aides outlined fundraising plans for the coming weeks and unveiled a new Web site to help build a crowd for a 'special announcement' on May 30 in Baltimore, where he served as mayor for seven years."

Read more here:


Website where you can sign up to attend the official announcement in Baltimore:


O'Malley in New Hampshire

O'Malley discusses his potential candidacy in New Hampshire. In addition to campaign strategy and issues important to his potential campaign, he compares being a musician in a band to executive experience:

"In Concord yesterday afternoon, O’Malley said there’s probably some crossover between his musical pursuits and his life as a public servant.

“'I have found that the skills that allow a person to stand in the center of a band playing different instruments at the same tempo at the same pitch at the same rhythm and hopefully usually according to the same melody line and chord progressions is a discipline that has also helped me to become a good executive,' he said."

Read the entire article here:


O'Malley to Announce on May 30

From the Washington Post:

"DURHAM, N.H. -- Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley, who has been ramping up for a potential White House bid, plans to make an announcement about his political future on May 30 in Baltimore, aides said Wednesday.

"O'Malley, who is widely expected to run for the Democratic nomination, will tell donors and other supporters about the announcement in a conference call scheduled for Thursday night, according to aides who requested anonymity in order to speak more freely."

Read more here:


Website where you can sign up to attend the official announcement in Baltimore on May 30:


Martin O'Malley Speaks Against TPP in New Hampshire

"Martin O’Malley Holds Firm Against Trade Deals"

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