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Fast Walker 52

Fast Walker 52's Journal
Fast Walker 52's Journal
January 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders is wrong!

He's not socialist enough!


"In that debate, no more was heard of Denmark, Sweden or Norway. The audience was left in the dark. Later, in a speech at Georgetown University, Sanders tried to clarify his identity as a Democratic socialist. He said he’s not the kind of Socialist (with a capital S) who favors state ownership of anything like the means of production. The Norwegian government, on the other hand, owns the means of producing lots of public assets and is the major stockholder in many a vital private enterprise.

I was dumbfounded. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden practice variations of a system that works much better than ours, yet even the Democratic presidential candidates, who say they love or want to learn from those countries, don’t seem to know how they actually work."

January 30, 2016

Does Bernie Sanders have any scandals associated with him?

or even a hint of corruption?

Is "socialist" and "he's going to raise taxes" or "he's too old" really the only thing people can use against him?

And he's supposed to be unelectable???

January 24, 2016

Gov. Snyder lied: Flint water switch was not about money, records show

Source: motor city muckraker

The Flint water crisis that led to thousands of people being poisoned began because state officials maintained it would save the cash-strapped city money by disconnecting from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) and using a different source.

But it turns out, DWSD offered the state-controlled city a deal that would have saved Flint more money by staying with Detroit.

An e-mail obtained by Motor City Muckraker shows the deal would have saved the city $800 million over 30 years, which was 20% more inexpensive than switching to the Karegnondi Water Authority.


So what was it about? Some have suggested that Snyder was motivated by a desire to break up DWSD and ultimately privatize it. In the summer of 2015, DWSD was split into two entities: the DWSD and the Great Lakes Water Authority.

Read more: http://motorcitymuckraker.com/2016/01/23/gov-snyder-lied-flint-water-switch-was-not-about-money-records-show/

Simply disgusting is all I can say. Democrats have to use this horrible story to take back elected office all over this country.
January 23, 2016

Democratic candidate Townhall forum

Why is this getting so little attention?

Washington (CNN)The Democratic presidential hopefuls will face voters in a CNN town hall on Monday in Des Moines -- one week before the highly anticipated Iowa caucuses.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will field questions from Iowa Democrats in this prime-time event hosted by the Iowa Democratic Party and Drake University.

"We are honored to partner with CNN on their town hall with our three fantastic Democratic candidates," said Dr. Andy McGuire, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. "With this event airing just one week before the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, it's an incredible opportunity for Iowans to see our candidates detail their plans to move our country forward and their vision for Iowa and the nation."

The town hall, which will be moderated by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, will air from 9 p.m.-11 p.m. ET, the network announced. A CNN spokesperson added that it will make the town hall available to its Iowa affiliates to air live.

seriously, I had to search for this on the news sites after seeing about it from someone here in a thread.

January 18, 2016

Not such a strong debate for Hillary

she actually turned off my wife, who was leaning towards her.

She was on the defensive most of the time, didn't really put out any new ideas.

January 17, 2016

On Trump and Fascism

This may have been posted here some time before, but it is a good discussion of what fascism is.


Donald Trump May Not Be a Fascist, But He is Leading Us Merrily Down That Path

People who have studied the extremist right as a historical and sociopolitical phenomenon in depth are acutely aware of a simple truth: America has been very, very lucky so far when it comes to fascistic political movements.

And now, with the arrival of the Donald Trump 2016 phenomenon, that luck may be about to run out.

Nor is this phenomenon just a flash in the pan. Trump is the logical end result of an endless series of assaults on not just American liberalism, but on democratic institutions themselves, by the American right for many years. It is the long-term creep of radicalization of the right come home to roost.

Fascistic elements and tendencies have always been part of America’s DNA. Indeed, it can be said that some of the worst traits of fascism in Europe were borrowed from their American exemplars – particularly the eliminationist tendencies, manifested first in the form of racial and ethnic segregation, and ultimately in genocidal violence.

Hitler acknowledged at various times his admiration for the American genocide against Native Americans, as well as the segregationist policies of the Jim Crow regime in the South (on which the Nuremberg Race Laws were modeled) and the threat of the lynch mob embodied in the Ku Klux Klan. According to Ernst Hanfstaengl, Hitler was “passionately interested in the Ku Klux Klan. ... He seemed to think it was a political movement similar to his own." And indeed it was.

January 17, 2016

The positive cases for both Hillary and Bernie

I'm only focusing on the positive here!

1) first woman president-- breaking the glass ceiling-- is huge, transformative
2) she has extensive government experience at the highest levels, knows how things work in US government
3) she will be very strong on women's rights, reproductive rights, family issues
4) she will be strong on minority rights
5) she recognizes the importance of climate change and action on transitioning to a renewable energy economy
6) she will stand up to the NRA
7) she will be pro-environment
8) she will fight for improving the healthcare system and giving healthcare to all Americans
9) she will appoint good people to the Supreme Court
10) she will drive Republicans bonkers, much like Obama did.

1) more than any other candidate, he recognizes of the problem of America becoming a plutocracy; he is a major champion of fixing the massive problem of income inequality, and will really work to fix what has become a corrupt system, especially the banking system. He would be transformative in this regard.
2) he has government experience at the highest level; he knows how things work, he also has executive experience
3) he will be very strong on women's rights, reproductive rights, family issues
4) he will be very strong on minority rights
5) he strongly recognizes the importance of climate change and action on transitioning to a renewable energy economy
6) he has incredible integrity; he will not be in the thrall of corporations
7) he will be pro-environment
8) he will fight for improving the healthcare system and giving healthcare to all Americans
9) he will appoint good people to the Supreme Court
10) he will drive Republicans bonkers, much like Obama did.
11) he would be the first non-Christian elected to the presidency, and first Jew.
12) he recognizes the problem of endless, needless wars, and the power of the military industrial complex and how much money is sucked into it.

January 13, 2016

Is Hillary getting thrown under the bus by Obama?

Biden put out very pro-Bernie remarks a couple days ago on income inequality.

Obama made Bernie-like references to income inequality in the SOTU last night.

Axelrod comes out and denounces Chelsea on CNN about the healthcare attack.


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