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Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 08:51 PM
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Journal Archives

LA could give Hillary +30 delegates, Nebraska and Kansas could give Bernie +16 delegates

So Hillary could net +14 delegates today

Hillary leads LA 72-21!!!

Bernie leading Nebraska 55-45


Hillary will increase her delegate lead today even if she loses 2 states to 1 state

Don't lose faith!!

NYTimes is showing the delegates between Clinton/Sanders as 1066-432. No mention of superdelegates


I think it's a bit misleading though.

Hillary has thought about releasing the transcripts and her answer is


Nobody who doesn't support Sanders cares about the transcript and they aren't going to by 15 Mar

Only people who support Sanders care about the transcripts. and they are not going to vote for Hillary regardless of what the transcripts say.

So why release the transcripts?

How many delegates will Clinton pick up this weekend?

I predict 5 more than Sanders.

So, Clinton is to blame for Sanders supporters posting nasty things on Warren's FB?

Explain to me again how that works?


Petraeus got a fine and a suspended term for a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified data

This was where the fact pattern showed that that he deliberately lied to the FBI and actively sought to pass unclassified materials to his biographer.

Clinton has so far not been accused of anything remotely as egregious.
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