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Current location: New York City
Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 08:51 PM
Number of posts: 1,772

Journal Archives

Even Reddit has given up on Sanders


lots of recriminations and finger-pointing and "he can't win"

Hillary gets things done: moved to NY 20 years ago to set up her run for President

Along the way she did countless rubber chicken dinners up and down the party all over the country.

Cynical, self-serving, carpetbagging...maybe, maybe, maybe... but it worked.

That's the difference between someone with a plan and someone who just hides out in Vermont (to people in New York, Vermont = ski slopes in winter).

Hillary's silent majority don't do FB,twitter,online polls, reddit, yuuuge rallies but they

vote apparently. Oh and make sure they are registered before the deadline too...

How we will get an indication that Sanders is packing it in: Clinton and Sanders to meet in MA

with Elizabeth Warren.

List of demands in return for a strong endorsement.

Most probably will happen next week.

This is hypothetical of course.

Sander's campaign will reassess after next Tuesday!


This seems newish for now from @taddevine, via AP: campaign will see how it does in Penn, Md, Del, RI and CT and then "assess where we are."

Is my state now under the bus?

Just wondering...

Hillary beat Obama 57 - 40% in New York in 2008


Almost identical to the results today.

Hillary will get more delegates per precinct because they have a higher % of minority voters

So it's actually a double whammy for Sanders (if he loses here).
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