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Current location: New York City
Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 08:51 PM
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anyone recall how much jail time Petraeus, Gonzales and Berger did for mishandling classified info?

just wondering...

Will Sanders ask for a recount of the delegates count at the convention?

Or will he have the class and grace to do this?

Only he can determine how history remembers him

Sanders supporters go to rallies. Clinton supporters register and go to the polls.

Guess who's gonna win this thing?

People should be chosen on who they are not what they look like. I have no issue with Sanders reps

on the platform committee.

Who they are = ideas, qualifications, experience, etc.

What they look like = male/female, black/white/Asian, etc.

Why is it that Sanders' supporters seems to be the only ones with problem registering to vote?

Even Republicans have managed to figure out the whole voting in primaries thing

Of the 14% of Brooklyn Democrats purged, how many were wrongly purged? How many even voted?

How many would have voted for Sanders instead of Clinton?

How many Sanders supporters are willing to buy Puerto Rico municipal bonds? What PR needs is money.

I'm just wondering if Sanders supporters will put their money where their mouth is and buy up these bonds?

If Sanders supporters truly believe in socialism, they would be happy to invest their own wealth (401k, pension plans, etc.) in Puerto Rick bonds.

the Philly convention is a National Special Security Event, led by the Secret Service.

Good luck trying to mess with that.

WaPost: Sanders and his supporters look like desperate dead-enders who canít accept reality


This is the moment of truth for Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Itís the moment that determines whether everything theyíve accomplished to this point is translated into real power and real change, or fizzles into nothing, leaving behind only bitterness and resentment. And right now, the latter course is looking much more likely.

I'm really worried that Sanders supporters will bring violence to the Philly conventions

I really really hope that security will be airtight with so many death threats flying around.
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