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Member since: Fri May 29, 2015, 08:51 PM
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Heartbreaking stories of Brexit tearing families apart


I donít begrudge her the life that she has had Ė my parents are homeowners who retired early with nice pensions Ė because she has worked damn hard for it. Iím not even angry with her for voting the way she has, because she has a right to her views. I just feel sad about my own future and I canít pretend that Iím not. And so she feels bad for making me feel sad, which just keeps going in a never-ending cycle. I feel like we are both hurting and we canít help each other.Ē

Young people didn't show up at Brexit vote, now throwing a tantrum about having to live with results


18-24: 36%
25-34: 58%
35-44: 72%
45-54: 75%
55-64: 81%
65+: 83%

The people asking for a second referendum on an online petition lost & should get over it

Really, they have a problem with democracy.

It's like voting on online polls for your candidate. Not going to change anything. Majority still wins.

I guess they are still in the first stage (denial).

3 reasons that may have tipped balance against Remain: young people don't vote, bad weather (london)

and people who want to change things tend to be more passionate and motivated to act.

Weather in London is notoriously bad. Funny how that might have played a role in the results.

London of course is one of the pro-Remain areas.

The right to self-determination is a fundamental right. Why would anyone try to subvert the will of

the majority of the people?

Thinking you know better than the majority of voters really smacks of elitism and is the height of arrogance. "I know what's best for you so just shut up and listen".

Democracy is truly a beautiful thing.

What are the chances that Clinton incriminates herself during her upcoming FBI interview?

FBI: Did you intend to violate federal law when you set up this server?
Clinton: No.

I'm worried that Trump will crash and flame out too soon.Hope he lasts until at least the convention

Or maybe he was just trolling the GOP all along and was never serious about running

Clinton's campaign hiring Sanders staff reminds me of this very poignant scene from the West Wing

Warren obviously angling for the VP spot

"Yes I do" (ready to be commander in chief)

instead of

"If drafted I will not run, nominated I will not accept and if elected I will not serve."
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