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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
September 17, 2015

Buzzwords that you're sick of seeing in headlines.

"slams" - its not a wrestling match.
"tackles" - its not football.
"hits" - no one physically exchanged blows.
"smacks down" - again, not really a fight.
"eviscerates" - nobody is being disemboweled here.


any other words I'm missing? and for fun, create your own headline from these highly exaggerated buzzwords!

"Hillary SLAMS Trump's opinion on which way the toilet paper roll should hang. - Trump HITS back"


September 16, 2015

ugh.. my wife got in a debate with a right winger online

he was an old friend of hers and on Facebook he made some commentary to her mom about how socialism is evil and all that.

my wife simply and kindly explained to him that he needed to do some research on the true meaning of it and all that.

and so on and so on...

I warned her why I never get in debates with those on the right online. for every fact we have, they have some sort of conjured up counterpoint and they have sources too. their sources are obviously lies but it boils down to this. I told her to know when you've hit a wall with someone and here was the wall.

when he started saying things like, don't ask for more from the system, that's why our economy is in the shitter, when he said things like, "I want to be an astronaut but thats tough because I can't afford college."

"We all need to work harder and if you want more money, work two jobs if you have to. its the only way to fix our economy because of the leeches in society sucking all the money away." because the 34.5 percent of our nation on welfare is totally responsible for how many trillions of debt? I think tanks and fighter jets are a lot more expensive than some shelter and a meal don't you think?

do these people not think for themselves?

he said something about illegal immigrants being able to get college grants, is that true?

he went on to say that most people who are poor or are in financial trouble made bad decisions and that's what led them there. basically its their fault. because it totally makes sense that most people are stupid, rather than being victims of circumstances beyond their control.

and then it got better... I knew we hit the wall when I saw this, "That's not how God works."

I had to drink alcohol after that one folks... again, do they not think for themselves?! when it gets too hard to process do they just say its the will of God and therefore its higher than their understanding?

God is not a supreme being to these people, God is just a fucking tool, a weapon for them to use. To use God for your own means is to put God beneath you. And how hypocritical is that?

Its so fucking stupid I swear.

Thanks for hearing me vent.

September 16, 2015

Have you guys seen this?!

What an awesome idea! This sounds like a great way to spread the bern!


September 15, 2015

My First Political Rally; as told by a 27 yr old. (Bernie Sanders, Greensboro, NC)

It truly was a beautiful Sunday.

My wife and I woke up and knew what we had planned to do today, it was time to see Bernie, the man himself!

Outside of the Youtube videos, we were going to see him in person! It was exciting, but the shock hadn't hit us yet. We only knew that an hour long drive was ahead of us.

But we had our handmade rally signs ready.

[img][/img] And they surely did!

So we were ready to go at about 2pm, the rally was an hour away and the doors opened at 6pm, the event was to start at 7pm. We left, picked up the necessary supplies (or so we thought!) and stopped for some BERNING SUSTENANCE. Terrific mexican food actually.

[img][/img] YUM!

The drive was good, not a lot of traffic, and I have only my wife to thank for this because I'm sure we avoided a bunch of congestion because of leaving as early as we did.

[img][/img]Feeling optimistic!

So when we got there, there was a Folk Music Festival going on, a fair of some sort right next door and a home show in the same building. Being as early as we were, we could see no lines from the large parking lot. We walked aimlessly towards the largest building, looking for some sort of aid.

[img][/img] The largest building!

So we approached a security guard and asked where to see Bernie. He pointed towards the entrance of the building and we went there and walked in. Immediately, we saw a LARGE group of about 50 people inside by some doors and they were all wearing Bernie shirts and merch.

This is when it hit us. We're here! Bernie is here. Woah! So we walked up to the group, and asked the first person we could, "Is this the line to see Bernie?" After all, they were right outside of some doors.

One lady answered, "Are you volunteers or guests?"

Now, even though I'm a volunteer at home and I begin fielding phone calls for Bernie this week (so excited about that by the way.) I had to admit we were guests. She instructed us that our entrance is to the left. Ah! We looked over to the left and there was a group of people sitting in a line. So be it, we are this early. We'll have to join them I guess.

[img][/img]Beginning of the line.

So we sat. We had a bag of pretzels, some fruit leather and 2 gatorades. This was going to be a LONG wait after all. We noticed the long table by our line, it was filled with clipboards, it was for names, emails and phone numbers and such. Keeping a headcount you know?

Well, I have to complain a bit here. You see, while we sat in a line that continued to grow, the Bernie volunteers over by the entrance stayed in a tightly knit circle doing cheers and what not. Meanwhile, the rest of us were sitting and kind of confused as the line continued to grow. Out of those estimated 50 or so volunteers, only about 2 or 3 came over to pass out the clipboards. It was kind of bad. They didn't really straighten the line much as it grew, they just kept to themselves.

The ones that did help were outstanding though! There was one that was doing Bernie impressions for the line. He was reciting parts of his speech, gestures, accents and all! It was pretty entertaining.

Eventually the line grew out the door and he took his impersonations down the line.

[img][/img] Out the door!

Also, the news crews started arriving. I know I saw Channel 8 FOX was there and yes, impersonation man did his impersonation for television.

A few things I heard while in line, all in a positive context mind you, "Socialist" "I'm here to hear what he has to say, then I'll decide" "Trump" "the one percent". It was really interesting and invigorating to hear people in real life, discuss that which I agree with and think about just about everyday. To be surrounded by many like minded folks, it was somewhat refreshing.

We were sitting there for a while and in order to pass the time, we engaged in conversation with the coolest older couple we could meet. Robert and Mary. They supported Obama, they really loved Bernie's message and were happy that we were into it as well. They compared Trump to Hitler, same as I do. They had never heard of O'Malley, and I told them a little about him.

I feel like we made friends even though we never saw them after that. It was really great to meet them, and they even gave us a gift. Robert had a button making machine at home and he made some homemade Bernie buttons. He just handed them over to us and we were so grateful that we offered the only thing we could, pretzels! They declined though.

Enough time went by and suddenly the doors opened, security rushed us backwards a little so we could funnel through the turnstiles in an orderly fashion.

I noticed something in this moment. Bernie was getting security. But it wasn't federal, it was from the state. The men were dressed in formal suits, and they had state badges for security. There were also Greensboro Coliseum employees as well.

One of the security informed me that I could not bring food or drink inside (It was because they wanted to sell us the food inside, bastards!) and so the saddest moment of my day became the moment when I had to throw away 2 gatorades and a perfectly fine, unopened bag of pretzels. (

Finally, the doors opened!

Robert and Mary wished us well, and we all went inside. We lost them immediately it seems as we walked into the coliseum. The scale of it all was huge. It was actually kind of hard to figure out where to go, but when we found that railing right in front of the stage, we jogged over and grabbed that rail. We were in for the ride!

[img][/img] Best seat in the house. (standing, no seat.)

From this moment on, the audience piled in, the ambience turned from voices to a loud static of chatter and excitement. The crowd certainly filled the place. I could no longer see behind me, so I put my phone in the air and took this panoramic photo. (Link here: http://imgur.com/QPyAsqu)

The crowd went wild! The backstage behind Bernie's podium started filling with people, there was a hype guy who really got the crowd going with a "WE LOVE BERNIE" cheer. The crowd roared, screamed, laughed and shouted. This crowd was filled with positive energy and immense joy. My wife said, "It was better than going to a music concert, because at a music concert, sure most people like the music, but they like it for different reasons. At Bernie's rally, we all wanted the same thing."

It was unifying. Truly.

Eventually, after a long wait, Symone Sanders came out and took the stage. Wow, this woman has power and energy over a crowd. The crowd was very receptive of her and she spoke loudly and clearly as she introduced 2 local guest speakers.

I am sorry, but I forgot their names. I can recall their stories though.

The first was the leader of the Students for Bernie group from NC State. She is a Muslim American and her message was about racial and religious equality. She was very well received and she audibly stunned the crowd when she brought up a piece of news that most of us North Carolinians had almost forgotten about. It's easy to forget though, when there's another mass shooting just about every day.

A few months ago, there were 3 wonderful Muslim college students. They were great students, contributing members of their community. They were all shot and killed by a white guy with a pickup truck, over a supposed dispute over a parking space.

The speaker was their friend. That bombshell of a reminder shook the audience. You could hear it. I got teary eyed and felt ashamed for forgetting, but again, it's easy to forget in a world where it's become a daily occurrence.

The second speaker introduced herself as a third generation union member. She was a flight attendant for United Airlines, and she made a great speech about how the rich and powerful don't really seem to care for the middle class. After a line about that she leaned into the microphone and quietly said, "But Bernie cares about us." It was a great execution that fired the crowd up immediately. We loved that part.

She told us about how United Airlines had lay offs, pay cuts and all that jazz when the CEO just got to quit with a $21 million dollar severance package. She asked us if that made sense. You can imagine the audience's reply.

After those two great speakers, the man himself, along with his lovely wife Jane walked onto the stage. My ears! My throat! The coliseum was turned up to maximum volume. Signs waved, people cheered and shouted "BERNIEEE!!!" It was just terrific.

[img][/img] The man himself.

You've all likely seen his speech. But I gotta say, I lived his speech. He was terrific. He was about 8 feet away from me. He spoke the truth, he told jokes, "Y'ALL? Is that how you say it? I'll learn it. You all, it's TWO words where I'm from." That got a big laugh. My love for Bernie just grew greater throughout the whole speech.

He moved me when he spoke of racial inequality. He SAID THEIR NAMES, "Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice." He also praised the bravery of the police themselves. But he returned to the point that we need police that are from the communities they serve and they don't need to look like the damn military when they do it.

Lots of things stood out to me, his gestures, his smiles, his booming voice. It's sheer integrity is what I witnessed that day and I am forever grateful for having experienced it.


Eventually, the speech ended, the crowd roared over "Rockin' in the Free World" as his wife came on stage and kissed him on the cheek.


They waved to the crowd.


And they exited the stage to say goodbye personally to those on the rails. My first wish of coming to this event was to shake his hand and get a picture with him.

Well I met the man, I shook his hand and he took a picture with my wife and I. My 1st wish came true.


My second wish was to get a picture with Jane.


My third wish was for my home state to show the nation that we feel the bern. And for over 9,120 people to show up to a 5,000 capacity coliseum, I would say that wish was made true as well.

Altogether, this was a very important day in our lives. We will work our asses off to make sure he wins. And if possible, we'll hopefully see him, in person being sworn in on that cold morning in January.

Thanks for reading! All the media I collected from the event, photo and video can be viewed and freely downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz-gdTwfBnUzMjBQRHpCT1M5V1k

September 15, 2015

Bernie's email response to Hillary's email smear.

"I don’t have a Super PAC, retrowire. I am not going to travel around the country begging millionaires and billionaires for money. That’s just not going to happen.

But the success of our campaign certainly has the billionaires' attention.

Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously. They suggested I’d be friendly with Middle East terrorist organizations, and even tried to link me to a dead communist dictator.

It was the kind of onslaught I expected to see from the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson, and it’s the second time a billionaire Super PAC has tried to stop the momentum of the political revolution we’re building together.

They’ll keep trying … unless we make them pay a price for their attacks.

Make the Super PACs pay for attacking us by making a $10 contribution to our campaign today. Let’s send a powerful message that we have had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying elections.

If we stand together to fight back against these ugly attacks, we can ensure this election is about who has the best ideas, and not who has the biggest donors.

They should not underestimate us.

Bernie Sanders"

Bernie sees the bs just as we do. We will fight big money with little money and we will fight their minority with our majority!

September 14, 2015

Meet the new President of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima




Effective the 16th of this month.

He was the president of NoA originally before Reggie and before that he was a banker for 30 years.

I see a Nintendo much like the one Yamauchi ran.

What do you guys think?
September 13, 2015

~Bernie in Greensboro, NC~; Retrowire's DU LIVEBLOG!!! UPDATED with bernie selfie!!!

Hello everyone!

So I'm getting ready for my first Bernie rally today, and just so I can keep you all updated on Bernie's first campaign race visit in the Tar Heel State, I'm going to be posting right here, LIVE as the event carries on today.

Here's the details of the event!

Doors open at 6PM, event starts at 7PM. No idea when it lets out.

And even though the doors open at 6PM, you can expect me to start live blogging now!

Also, I'll be uploading photo's of the event in realtime to this shared Google Drive Folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By_AwDVj_xg2QWZYZm1qcEpCSmM

So if you want to just click that link, and refresh it every once and a while, you'll see all the photos that I upload from my phone at the event.

I also have a higher quality camera that I'll be using for photos, those will not be uploaded in real time. I'll make a photo thread of those when I get home after the event, at which time, I'll write a nice little article for you guys!

That said, I'm super excited to do this!

This will be my first time ever attending a political event.

So log in, keep pressing f5 to refresh this page, sit back and enjoy the perspective of a political greenhorn like myself.

Also, feel free to ask me questions at anytime, I may not get to all of you, but I'll try. Whatever I miss, I'll get to after the event.


UPDATE: welp! that was terrific! I'm sorry about the slowdown in my posts during the speech. I had to pay attention to the man. It was incredible and as of now my brain is a bit scrambled.

So there's a few pictures in the link above for you to peruse, but that ain't all there is!

Tomorrow, I will write up an article describing my first political rally, accompanied with all the best photos I took!

Tonight was terrific and so incredible. I got chills, I screamed, I even cried a little. Bernie Sanders truly is something different, and I am incredibly proud to volunteer for him and do whatever it takes to get him in the white house.

Also, I shook his hand and got a selfie with the man himself!!! My wish came true!!!!




sorry about the angle of the shots, people were crushing us against the rails!

September 13, 2015

I'm going to the Bernie rally in Greensboro, NC tomorrow with this!!!


Now, I need to make another one!

And I want your help DU! I've got red, blue and black to play with and I've got my Bernie logo stencil.

So what should my next sign say!? All suggestions welcome!!!

September 12, 2015

Who else got Mario Maker?

Because it is amazing.

And I made a level! Check it out.

Walljump Master 1

Highly recommend this game if you love Mario. This is like unlimited Mario levels for one price. I love it. And people are so creative!


September 11, 2015

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Choose wisely. There is a wrong answer.

Because Dark Chocolate is king.

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