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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
September 7, 2015

A conversation with my cat. (A bit of levity.)

This morning, I was having my daily coffee in my kitchen when all of a sudden my cat, Caesar came into the kitchen and said, "Meow."


I expected this, after all, he's all over the news, the media loves him, they can't get enough of him, so I reply, "Yeah, I heard about what Trump said, that guy is crazy." I laughed as I went to sip my freshly brewed cup of coffee.

What I didn't expect though, was Caesar's reply... "Meow."

I spat out my coffee and responded, "Caesar, you can't possibly believe that nonsense can you? Sure, he comes off as "telling it like it is" but you don't really believe that THAT is how it is do you?!"

To my dismay, Caesar said, "Meow." and I was just... shocked, just SHOCKED. I couldn't believe it. MY cat, a fat, tabby cat that I saved from homelessness was here, telling me that Mexicans were the problem and they HAD to go.

I reprimanded him, "Caesar, that's just racist. You really should reassess how you're looking at things. Look, you want an honest candidate who tells it like it is? Look at Bernie!"

He immediately interrupted me, "Meeeeowwww." I couldn't believe it. My cat just said "Socialist". He just let it out. He just threw a right wing talking point at me and I couldn't have been more disappointed in him.

I shook my head as I went to drink my coffee again, clearly I wasn't getting through to him. But he continued!

"Meow, meowww. Rawl?"

Again, I spat out my coffee. He told me that Bernie was only a fringe candidate who wasn't getting much attention anyways, there was no way he could change the nation and that Trump would run our nation as a business and we would all be as wealthy as him.

"Caesar, you need to lay off the Fox News, they're lying to you. They are paid for by a handful of wealthy people who aren't like me or you, they don't have our best interests in mind. They want us to keep playing our roles and keep letting the money trickle upstream to them, where they can send it away to off shore bank accounts and avoid taxes like the plague. They got fat off of our economy and they won't give back to it. They're thieves."

Just then, Caesar pulled out a cigar, lit it and took a long drag. He looked at me and said, "I own your ass, and you better shut the hell up and vote for Trump or I'm shitting in your bed tonight."

I turned around, grabbed the water bottle and sprayed the crap out of him. He ran, terrified as usual.

But anyways, I can't believe I had this conversation with my cat today. I'm so ashamed. I think he'll come around though.

September 6, 2015

It's time to wake up.

HEADS UP:If you don't want to be told why Bernie is the best option for us, and you want to only listen to opinions that side with yours, then feel free to ignore this post. I don't want to waste your time if you're not interested. If you are capable of weighing opinions and facts, and making decisions with unbiased thought, then read on. Thank you.

It’s time to wake up.

This is no time for half measures, safe bets or tip toeing around the issues.

This is the time for putting all our eggs in one basket.

The opportunity has finally presented itself, we’ve been given the choice of a leader who has truly went against the grain of the establishment that opposes us. Bernie Sanders.

Working within the establishment, being opposed himself, he has not backed down, he has not wavered in his opinion just so he could win anything. He fights for what’s right, even if he would most certainly lose.

But he has won before, even against all odds. This time he’s fighting a fight for the big win, and he has the humility and honesty to admit that he needs us to win.

We need to support Bernie to teach the powers that be a LESSON.

That lesson is this:

-We the people have a voice. Bernie is our megaphone and ours alone. He’s not a megaphone for Wall St or the 1%. They’ve had a megaphone made of money and mainstream media for quite some time and we are going to drown out that noise.

-We are not stupid. We will not believe everything on the TV, we have the means and technology to talk to each other now. We can think for ourselves and the only thing on the information menu isn’t just “The News” anymore. We can report to each other, we can write our own news, we can do our own thinking.

-We are the nation. We are the people. We are the 99%. Our majority should command the direction of this country and we’ve seen the direction of the wind for long enough. It’s not going our way and we will change that direction now.

If we don’t support Bernie, we will be allowing the establishmentarian quota to continue on. And believe me people, this is most likely our last chance.

Look at how much liberty we’ve already lost because of how far this travesty has gotten!

-Mass surveillance on each and every one of us. That power is in the hands of a few very irresponsible people with motives of greed and control. People used to stand in the streets, paranoid that this would happen. It’s happening right now. The fact that our nation isn’t outraged or in pandemonium is more insane than the fact we’re being monitored to begin with.

-Systemic racism has always been an incredibly dark stain in our American culture. ALWAYS. We’re only noticing it more so today because of the technologies that allow us to communicate and see each others perspectives far greater than ever before. We have movements making progress and that’s great, but progress is only made when an actual goal is reached. The powers that be like the way things are, and they will continue to impede that progress.

-The separation of Church and State has never been written in stone. But it needs to be. We should not fall to the fluid ideologies of any religion. Religion may be a moral compass, but it can be altered and bent to the will of anyone in power. We need to set it in stone that our nation is a land of many religions, beliefs, and creeds. Religion and law should work separately and both be used in the best interests of spreading human rights and love for one another. The establishment is actively fighting against this every day. Religion is a very useful and influential tool to them. They are the false prophets.

-Social Security, Healthcare and Education should be accessible to all equally and we’re getting there, but they want that undone. There is no detriment to spreading knowledge and health equally. The right to have equal access to education and healthcare leads to equal opportunities for all so they can pursue what makes them happy. But the establishment knows that a dumber, poorer, weaker population can be more easily controlled. They don’t want you to stay healthy, get wealthy or become smarter than them.

-Citizens United gave the wealthy the controls they wanted so that the highest bidder could control the order of government. The few, the wealthy have a louder voice than you and I simply because they have more money. Not because they’re human beings with inalienable rights like it should be, but because they’re wealthy. And what’s worse, their voice matters more. Money corrupts, and it has corrupted our government.

These are only a few examples. There are many more. Bernie represents a choice we have never had before. A choice for a president who stands alongside the people, not from a balcony.

Do you really think Hillary, Trump, Biden or Jeb would do that?

Hillary, who’s biggest funding partners are the 1% that suppresses our voices with the ironically named Citizens United? Hillary, the one who will change her position based on whenever it suits her best? Hillary, the one who speaks in such careful measures, avoiding absolutes so she doesn’t have to commit to anything ("If necessary, I will support a constitutional amendment to undo the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United.")? Hillary, the one who most certainly would bring us to war?

She opened her campaign announcement event in NYC. She pointed out where the towers fell, she evoked the emotions of 9/11 and reminded us of the fear and vulnerability we felt that day. And she vowed to keep that from happening ever again. Opening her campaign with a message of fear and revenge is very telling.

To lead with fear and anger is the tactic of tyrants and dictators.

This is exactly what Trump is doing. He’s tapping into the surprisingly vast society of racism and xenophobia our nation still has. In the year 2015 no less. Those people are excited because they feel like they’ve finally got a chance for a “tell it like it is” voice in the White House. Problem is, they’re uneducated, they’re isolated and brainwashed. They’re only connected to the information that the media gives them. Non stop, 24/7 Trump TV, now showing TRUMP!

Regarding Biden, there’s 2 things that need to be noticed here. The media, which is controlled by a handful of the wealthy are actively ignoring Bernie. When Bernie releases an action plan or talks about the issues, they’ll mention that moment where he was asked about Hillary. Meanwhile, the media drowns that out with the hope, the mention of Biden possibly running.

Perhaps we should start questioning some things when the media seems to pick a favorite for us, instead of showing more of the man that so many of us have already chosen? The numbers prove it, the sold out crowds, the highest trending topic on the internet proves it. We want Bernie. But the media, which again is controlled by those in power, want Biden. And he’s not even running.

That’s very telling. Not to be cliche but, it’s not too late to open our eyes. But if we deny Bernie our support just because we’re afraid then we will be harming ourselves. Skepticism and fear can be self fulfilling prophecies. Don’t let that get in the way.

They WANT us to be afraid, they WANT us to think the system is rigged against us. The powers that be are PERFECTLY FINE letting you think that your vote doesn’t matter. THEY LOVE VOTER APATHY. They LOVE a compliant citizen.

Don’t stand down. Don’t be afraid. We, the people won’t win with that attitude.

Why Bernie? Because we matter. Because this may be our last chance to do something.

This isn’t about Republicans VS Democrats. The line between red and blue is greyer than ever before. This is about the 99% VS 1%. The people VS Wall St. The workers VS the corporate powers.

A vote for Bernie is one for the people. A vote for any other is to choose to continue with the direction we’ve been headed. Again, look at where we’ve landed and ask yourself how we got here. Did we vote for the wrong leaders? That’s possible. But in reality, we’ve only chosen the options we’ve been given. So it’s not really our faults that we’ve only been able to choose the lesser of two evils for the majority of our time.

This time is different. This time, we have Bernie.

A senator who marches with us and always has for 40 years. A man that has had the right view on the issues since the beginning and has not changed them for anyone else’s favor. A man who will not mingle with the wrong kind, and has not ever exchanged hands for personal benefit. A man who has continued to do the right thing, and doing it again and again even if you are laughed at and shunned by your peers.

Bernie has a strength, a resilience and an integrity that no other candidate has.

Vote for Bernie because this may very well be the last time to choose the candidate that will shake the whole tree instead of just picking the low hanging fruit. Real change will only be had by voting for the candidate that isn’t walking in step with the rest.

We need this. We need Bernie.
September 6, 2015

Has anyone seen any Trump support around them locally?

I mean, bumper stickers, signs or whatever.

I haven't. Thank the lord.

But I'm afraid that when I do, I'm going to start judging people. Like, badly. I'm afraid I might want to deface someones property over it.

There has never been such a defining symbol of ignorance, xenophobia and outright discrimination in a presidential election has there?

I just don't know what I'll do if I see it in real life.

September 3, 2015

Introducing our furry family! 1 Rabbit, 2 Cats and 3 Dogs!

We'll do this in numerical order.

1 Rabbit named GinGin! A former photography pet that was rescued by my niece is the sweetest but also grumpiest rabbit you could ever meet. Very used to people because his former career as "that bunny you hold while taking pictures on Easter."


2 Cats named Harpo (after Harpo Marx) and Caesar (After that hyper intelligent chimp from Planet of The Apes). Harpo (the smaller white one) is from a colony of cats raised by my father in law while Caesar was a lone kitten that ran across the road in the middle of nowhere as my wife and I were returning home with pizza one night. We rescued him with the pizza and look how fat he got.


And finally, our 3 dogs! In order from left to right, this is Tippi, Rufus and Sophie! Tippi was given to us by a neighbor, after the brother of Rufus impregnated one of their dogs. So Rufus is Tippi's uncle. Rufus comes from a long line of Chihuahua's in my family. Sophie is the rescue of this litter. She was abandoned by a family that just up and moved one day. She was just left behind. But now she's the happiest one of all 3!


Nice to meet you Pet thread! I told you I'd post here eventually!

September 2, 2015

Only $5 for one of the best online multiplayer shooters at Humble Bundle right now!!

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball.

This indie title is a GEM. The Online community is terrific, the developer is one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet and he's extremely active with the community. I cannot endorse this game enough.


Go forth and dodgeball.

September 2, 2015

Perhaps that devout Christian Kim Davis should know about Matthew 22:21?

"Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's" - Matthew 22:21

See, this quote from Jesus himself is very important right now.

It, from the mouth of Christ himself is a statement of such clarity to mean that there is a distinct separation of Gods rule and the rule of Man.

Here's another...

"My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But now (or 'as it is') my kingdom is not from the world" (John 18:36)

Oh look at that, another quote from Jesus himself which basically points out that "Hey, Gods kingdom is separate from that of man's, and since I'm here in man's kingdom, even I have to follow the rules here so I'm going to go die for your sins now without resisting. Thanks."

So Kim, you're under man's law at this moment. And even Christ himself acknowledges that it's important to follow the rules under the law that you're under. If you were in the UK, Jesus would have you follow their laws, if you were in Iran, he'd have you follow theirs.

No one is telling you to renounce your faith. They're just telling you to do your job. Even Jesus wants you to just do your job. So stop judging people in the name of God (which, BTW he told us Christians not to do. leave the judgment part to God mkay?).

And this goes for all Christians, its really simple guys.. "Love one another." that's all you should do. no judgment, no control, no ruling others. Just love one another.

TL;DR: Kim Davis you're doing it wrong. So wrong.
September 1, 2015

Why I came to the DU.

I originally posted this in the Welcome & Help thread, but I thought that perhaps I should post this in the Bernie Group as well because it's related to Bernie. Plus, if you haven't met me yet, hello!

Hello everyone!

I'm Retrowire from the lovely state of North Carolina and I wanted to introduce myself here today.

First, let me give a little background. I am a 27 yr old married man that has a family of 3 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit. I work in Thermoelectric technology and I love my nation.

Admittedly, I used to be the worst kind of American citizen. I was the apathetic voter. As in, I refused to vote. I thought to myself, my vote doesn't matter, the electoral college will trump everything anyways, what's the point? I never liked many of the previous candidates before anyways, it was just always about choosing the lesser of two evils and I didn't care for it. I've always been a patriot, and I've always wanted what's best for my nation, but I just didn't think I could do anything about it.

These days however, I must admit that I've been spurred into patriotic action! Bernie Sanders has been singing my kind of song. This is a man that NEEDS a grassroots movement to work, he won't depend on big money, he needs the people, just as we need him. And that kind of relationship is something I've never seen before in a presidential hopeful. And for once, I have hope that I COULD do something to help my nation.

Because of him, I've been spending a lot more time learning about politics and really getting my hands dirty with volunteering and social media. I'm passionate about our nation and now I feel that I can finally get involved, I can finally get behind something I believe in.

If you care to know what the core of my political beliefs are, you need look no further than what is, in my opinion, the greatest speech ever written. Charlie Chaplin's ending speech from the Great Dictator.

To read the speech: http://www.charliechaplin.com/en/synopsis/articles/29-The-Great-Dictator-s-Speech

To watch the speech:

So everyone here has been very welcoming so far, I'm really grateful for that, thanks for reading my introduction and I hope that together, using the great tool of the internet, we can do great things together, as citizens of this United States.

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