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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
June 14, 2017

So the extreme left is becoming as radicalized as the alt right?

This is how it starts then.


June 13, 2017

Vegans are elitist dickheads!

Yesterday, there was a coworker of mine, known to be vegan and he was heating up some veggie dogs or whatever.

I asked him, "are those vegan dogs or something?"

To which he snootily replied, "yes they are, I grilled them on my new grill. Got a nice char on them."

Offended, I offered my rebuttal, "there's only one thing wrong with those."

His curiosity raised, "what's that?"

I then told him, "there's no meat in it. Nothing's right about that."

Offensively, he struck back, "it's good to me."

What an asshole. And then TODAY, guess WHAT, he was at it again with those hot dogs. He said hello to me and reassured me that yes, they were vegan before I could ask.

"That's just wrong, having no meat."

"It's fine" that uppity vegan asshole responded.

I pressed further to defend myself, "no meat, it's wrong"

And then the asshole vegan LAUGHED at me and said again, "it's fine to me." While shaking his head.

Vegans are elitist dickheads!!!! I just want the guy to accept that his beliefs are wrong, what's his fucking problem?

(Thank you for reading my meta-rant in which I'm actually the vegan in this scenario (hello!) and the meat eating defender is clearly defending himself from my meatless sacrilege. I started laughing at the end of our exchange because time and time again, I have learned even if you're NOT an asshole about veganism, some people get so defensive. Some people try to dismantle your beliefs and you could be just minding your own business. It's nuts. Btw, your food is BAD AND WRONG lol jerks, am I right? That was sarcasm, no one's food is bad and wrong.)

June 12, 2017

Recommend a good home security system?

Car break ins have been common in my neighborhood for about 2 months now.

Last night my niece staying over didn't lock her car in our driveway. She got hit.

Now, as a first time home owner,I feel vulnerable and robbed of peace of mind for the first time.

It's time to take security seriously. Any recommendations?

June 9, 2017

Anyone hyped for E3???

I always get excited this time of year even though this time I'm not hyped for anything in particular.

But still! Scorpio! PC Gaming Show! Sony's event! Bethesda!!!

June 9, 2017

How are you today?


June 8, 2017


There it is.

June 8, 2017

My internet is down. :(

And for some reason my phone's internet is as bad as using dial up.


June 7, 2017

Welp, here's James Comeys opening statements for tomorrow. NO JOKE


The full document is at the bottom.

It's definitely obstruction. But there's a "thing". Read it to find out what I mean.

Tomorrow will be a bit nuts.
June 7, 2017

Why aren't you reaching out to Trump Supporters?

This post isn't for the purposes of finger pointing.

It's for the purpose of validation.

I want you to explain the moment you realized that, unfortunately, it really is fruitless to try having a discussion with a Trump Supporter.

Bonus points though, if you can mention a glimmer of hope where you were surprised because damn it, my light of hope will not be fully buried!

I'll go first.

I just witnessed a debate about net neutrality evolve into a discussion about the Paris climate agreement that then went over to the topic of Trump being a sexual predator. I witnessed this and intervened at times. But another voice of sanity clearly had the floor and did it well.

Here's how it went.

The Trump Supporter tried making their argument with memes and videos. Easily consumed media that requires little attention span you know? Does all the thinking for you.

The voices of reason combated with well written paragraphs and paragraphs of their own along with citations and articles. Things that require critical thinking.

This constantly devolved into the trumper claiming that the other was quoting fake news and spinning the truth. The Trump supporter mocked and insulted regularly as well. But he stood his ground.

Eventually when it got to the topic of Trump and the concept of Consent, I was floored. The trumper claimed the media took Trump's words on that bus out of context and spun it the wrong way.

The voice of reason easily posted the incriminating video along with a transcript of written words and asked, "how is that spun?"

I just knew the trumper was cornered in this. There it was, from Trump's own mouth, not the media, no spin.

But lo and behold... The trump supporter then claimed this... To paraphrase, "nobody gives a fuck about the regressive left's definition of consent. What do we need, signed contracts to have sex now? Clearly you've never been with a woman"

So in one line, he changed the argument to being the left's fault regarding the definition of a fucking word. Then exaggerated and mocked the idea of consent requiring paperwork and then mocked the other user.

Believe me, he then degenerated into a child that only knew the word "cuck" from that moment on.

That's when I truly gave up. Trump's own words cannot incriminate him to these people.

The glimmer of hope I had one time was the Trump supporter that said "climate change is real and you can't deny science. I really hope Trump changes his opinion on that."

Your turn.

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