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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
June 5, 2017

So Trump had a bunch of tweetstorms this morning

And is now about to do an impromptu live conference?

Oh he must be maaaaaaaaad

June 4, 2017

Shit. I'm in the middle of a dumb husband moment aren't I?

Begged my wife all day. I wanna grill! The weather's great! I've been wanting to play with my new grill while having a beer since Friday! Please!

Yay! She said yes!

Enjoying my beer outside right now with the grill at 500 degrees while listening to oldies on my Bluetooth speaker...

But a thunderstorm is approaching. Shit.

June 3, 2017

Can anyone summarize and simplify UK parties for me?

Like... What are their parallels to our Dem and Repub parties? Tories and what else?

June 3, 2017

Regarding Mr. Maher

There's a rule I learned early in my marriage.

If you say something and it offends, you apologize.

Doesn't matter if that wasn't your intention.

Doesn't matter if it was a joke.

Doesn't matter if the person offended refuses to accept your explanation.

If you mistakenly offended people, you apologize.

Simple as that. So I'm glad he apologized.

And as for intentionally offending people, depends on your motive and goal.

That's my two cents!

June 3, 2017

Oxygen Not Included by the makers of Don't Starve is FANTASTIC

Mix the Sims with Fallout Shelter. Add the crafting system of Don't starve with the base building elements of Factorio and you've got OXYGEN NOT INCLUDED.

June 2, 2017

Hello. I'm vegan. Ask Me Anything.

Why am I making this? Because since our government has decided it's going to shit the bed regarding climate change, it has made it clear that it is up to we, the people to do everything in our power to help our mother Earth.

We need to recycle more.

We need to invest in longer lasting purchases, stay away from disposables.

We need to use less water.

We need to be more conscious about how we get around.

And regarding this subject, we need to eat less meat.

I'm not asking anyone here to go full vegan (though it's not bad if you do!) And I'm not going to be calling anyone MURDERERSSSSS because I'm not that kind of vegan.

In fact, you might notice after my 10,000 posts here on DU, I have never been preachy about it.

But after yesterday's decision by limpshart mcfuckhead, I decided, maybe I should try.

I won't be preachy. So if you ask, I'll do my best to answer. I'm not the authority on veganism but I am a practicing member.

But as a base, I'll link something as a means to show what veganism has to do with climate change.



So, if you're curious about the exciting world of veganism, ask away!

June 2, 2017

What the fuck?

I'm vegan. Everyone in my workplace knows it. They don't mock or criticize. They've asked questions. That's fine.

But why, within earshot, do two co-workers think it's a hilarious conversation to laugh at and scoff at "animal rights, liberal tree huggers", knowing full well I can hear them?

To quote: "deer are getting brave around here. Lady I know caught a picture of one eating marigolds out on front of her townhome. This close! Should have shot that thing!"


It's... Just eating. It's life is worth your landscaping?

Fucking Neanderthals.

June 2, 2017

BEHOLD! I've made it to 10,000 posts! EDIT TO ADD SPEECH! SPEECH!! SPEECH!!!

In a thread where I celebrated making it to the finals of a photography contest!


Wow. It's been quite a run. I'm still happy I'm here though.


There are many here that consider themselves dyed in the wool democrats. But I'm a dyed in the DU democrat!

I came here because I was first politically inspired and motivated by Bernie Sanders. His words lead me to the Democratic Party, and many of it's members (thats you guys) are the ones that lead me to STAY here.

Growing up, I thought maybe I was an independent. But at this point in American history, it's clear to me that I align with the true, the blue, the Democrats.

I've done a lot here at DU. I've rallied together friends and pissed off quite a few. I've had my one of my posts mentioned on a radio pundits show! I've witnessed IMMENSE charity and kindness to my own family from those of you here at DU. (Thank you! Forever and ever!) I've had plenty of laughs, and I've felt solidarity in the darker times.

But most of all, I've learned. I've learned what we stand for. I've learned what those real evils in the world are. And most importantly, I've learned how to fight it!

So thank you for having me, DU! Thank you Skinner and Elad and EarlG for maintaining this excellent base for education, discussion and activism! (And for letting me back in the week after I first joined and was mistakenly banned! True story! I was so worried I said something wrong!! lol)

Thank you all!

June 1, 2017

Hey Trump, do something about this! POSITIVE THREAD

I'm still going to recycle.

I'm still going to find ecologically sound ways to improve my life.

I'm still going to invest in solar energy.

I'm still going to treat minorities with compassion and equal consideration.

I'm still going to donate to Planned Parenthood and even if you suffocate them, I'll donate to their successor and if you remove my right to donate, I'll support whatever causes I can however I can.

You can't really stop us. We are the majority. This is how history works. You do not win. You can't. It's just the nature of things.

So, keep it up if you want. It doesn't change our actions or response.

We're still here. Progressing.

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