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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
July 1, 2015

Just want to make sure I'm not taking crazy pills

So I'm engaged in conversation on a board elsewhere about politics and I brought up how Bernie Sanders is my pick!

everyone in the group is normally not very political and they're impressed with Bernie now. Except for that one user.... there's always that one sour grape you know what I mean?

anyways he replies first with this:

You might want to check what kind of views he has on military monitoring, gun control etc before you decide. He has voted against some very important things and that is where he lost my vote

so I replied:

his only views on gun control are banning assault weapons and higher requirements to be eligible to purchase a firearm. what's wrong with that?

the military monitoring thing I am fine with, but I can understand if others want more military presence elsewhere. even though I think we need to stay out of other countries business. that's my view though.

admittedly, I wasn't quite sure what he was referring to with "military monitoring" so I took a light and assuming stance on that.

then out of nowhere he posts this:


Read what is listed under "Tenure".

so I read that. told him that it sounded terrific and asked if I was missing anything? so please Bernie group, read what is under tenure and tell me if I'm missing anything? am I taking crazy pills and did I inform this citizen well enough? he hasn't replied in about an hour since I told him I see nothing wrong with what he presented me.


June 25, 2015

in regards to Bernie supporters giving up and leaving...

I admit that I'm an angry person with no tact before I say this.

can we PLEASE stop throwing in the towel when we're met with unfair opposition? grow a backbone people!

what do you think Bernie is up against? he's said it from the beginning! it's an uphill battle. this will not be a cakewalk and was never going to be one!

Bernie deals with this crap everyday no doubt about it.

how does he deal with it? well let me first explain where some of you are going wrong.

when you're met with people praising Hillary and smearing Bernie you tend to smear back. no! bad Bernie supporter! bad!

Bernie has never run a negative ad in his life. he refuses to smear his opponents. we should do the same.

so next time you're up against the odds, just stick to the truth. don't try insulting others, don't even stoop to their level. be like Bernie. just give them facts. fight misinformation with information! you can't save them all so yes there will be people who stick to their guns! but oh well, leave them be and move on to the next person who could hear about Bernie.

also even if you feel that the administration is biased, oh well. as long as you have a voice on this site, as long as you have a voice for Bernie anywhere, USE IT.

Bernie will not win with apathy, he will not win with discouragement, he will not win with fear of the opposition.

stop throwing in the towel, Bernie hasn't and he won't. if Bernie keeps fighting an uphill battle for you, I think we should keep returning the favor. don't you think?

June 13, 2015

A lesson on the Bystander Effect

Hello fellow Bernie supporters!

I thought I'd take a moment to invigorate us with a bit of knowledge about something that plagues the human psyche and how that relates to helping Bernie out.

To quoth Wikipedia...

"The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases in which individuals do not offer any means of help to a victim when other people are present."

In this case, the victim is Bernie. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not calling our main man out as someone who's losing or anything, but he certainly is fighting an uphill battle! He needs our help to climb that hill and honestly, we should be wary of ourselves not to let the bystander effect get in the way.

When I received his hand written letter today in the email and it asked for a $5 contribution, I had a moment of weakness. I thought to myself, someone else will contribute, Bernie will be fine.

This was the bystander effect taking over. But honestly, the sincerity of a hand written letter from Bernie is what turned the tide. If he could take the time out of the day to hand write a letter for us, then I could throw $5 his way. And besides, what if everyone else becomes a victim of the bystander effect and WE ALL think, "oh, someone else will contribute" You know what that leads to? Barely anyone contributing. And that won't win against billionaires.

Unfortunately, if we, the people have to fight money with money then that's how it has to be. It'll take a million of us (the middle class) to fight only a handful of them (the billionaires) and sadly because of the way this economy works, they could still win! Do you really want those fat cats to sit and laugh and do nothing while you work hard EVERY DAY for your pay?

That's the kind of person our money is fighting. So if you can lend Bernie a dollar in any way, you'll be helping immensely. Just remember, if you sit there and do nothing, we'll lose. If they (the billionaires) sit there and do nothing, they'll win. And if we win this battle, the billionaires will have to learn they can't win that way anymore.

Let's do this!


June 10, 2015

Where can one go to listen to the Diane Rehm

show about Bernie? I set it to record on my radio but the signal was lost for the entirety of the second half. D'oh!

Any help is appreciated.

June 6, 2015

Help me become more informed Bernie allies!

So, I understand just about everything Bernie stands for but I'm admittedly new to this political activism thing. Bernie is the first politician to inspire me into action!

So that said, can anyone explain to me what his positions on the TPP (what is the TPP) and free trade? does he want to eliminate outsourcing of jobs or is it more than that? or am I off the mark completely?

thanks in advance!

June 2, 2015

Message auto-removed

June 1, 2015

Where can a cord cutter go to watch Bernie on late nite with Seth Meyers?

For my fellow cord cutters and I, is there a place we can watch Bernie tonight?

June 1, 2015

So I'm eager to help Bernie out...

One of the things that's so exciting about this campaign is that it will truly take all of our efforts to get this thing going as far as possible. I've already made some digital flyers and stuff to share on social media, but I want to help out locally as well.

I've never volunteered for any campaign before, but I've donated to Bernie on the official web page and I've signed up to volunteer, saying that I can spread around flyers, write to the editor and put up yard signs.

But I haven't got a reply back for that, nor have I received any materials to work with. When does that stuff get sent out? I am new to this, but again, I'm eager! I wanna help Bernie out. So what do you guys know about this?

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