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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
October 1, 2015

I see it this way, it's extremely simple and logical to me

Do we vote for who we believe could win?


Do we vote for who we believe should win?

September 30, 2015

REMEMBER not only is the deadline tonight! Discounts!!!

but on the bernie store there are two available discount codes.

DEADLINE will get you 25% off your entire order.

FREESHIP will give you free shipping.

unfortunately, you can only use one of these codes so choose wisely in the checkout screen to see what benefits you best.

because of this sale, I just contributed my biggest donation to Bernie! $46.50 is coming your way Bernie!

Getting a mug, a yard sign and a T-shirt!

Feel the Bern people! the deadline code expires at midnight tonight! we still have time to show the government and those fat cats on wall street that we have the ability to fight money with our own money!

We're putting our money where our votes are! let's do this!

September 29, 2015

My family is (most likely) in danger of a known sex offender


basically what can we do if the police have already been called and told that the guy has been hanging out with the family dog and feeding it (likely getting the dog friendly so he can intrude without problems) and the best the police can say is "he's probably trying to help"

it's a bad neighborhood and they just moved in to this house, what can be done now that the police are so flippant about it?

based on light description of the guy from family, my wife looked him up in the registry and gave them the link to the photo and they're not 100 percent sure it's the guy, but hey this offender lives around the corner from them. they have a 9 year old daughter and this is freaking us all out.


Sorry for being fast and vague so here's the details.

A week ago, a large bald black man was found outside playing with the family dog of my sister in law's family. He released the dog from it's kennel without meeting them or asking for permission and was just playing with the dog.

I don't know exactly in what order this happened, but he was communicating with the 9 yr old daughter, telling her he would take her to school if she needed it, he was also talking about how he had just gotten out of the hospital and that he suffered from bipolar disorder. The mother and daughter were listening to him, but I guess the mother was too afraid to say anything to this larger man because she was alone with her daughter at the time.

They went inside, locked the doors, called the police and the man eventually left. She did not tell the man she was calling the police.

Keep in mind that she just moved in and is terrified so she may not have acted in the best possible way.

My wife saw this as a red flag and looked up a sex offender registry that revealed a sex offender that lived right around the corner from them. He roughly matched the description that the mother gave us. We're pretty certain it may be him. We sent her the photo and she is certain as well, but his hair is different so that's the only difference here.

The sex offender in question has had indecent liberties with a minor and so you can see the alarm in him asking to take her to school.

Then, TODAY my sister in law and her partner found people food and water bottles in the kennel where the dog resides, also the kennel had been moved. This suggests that someone was camping out with the dog in order to get friendly with it.

Sorry again for the lack of details in the initial post, we're all a little frantic about this right now.

EDIT: title edit because many people were offended by such an absolute statement that seems to convict someone without proof. still, no one is being named or directly accused in this post. rest easy and thank you for your concerns.
September 28, 2015

so remember my homemade yardsigns? UPDATED with photos


I finally put them up today.

annnd I just got my first honk.

plenty of people are looking, and that's what matters most.


UPDATE: and they're down!

it started to rain.

total honks today: 1

total highly enthusiastic bicyclist waving at me after staring at the signs: 1

total people that passed the sign and stared at it: priceless

I'll put them up again some nicer, sunnier day.

September 28, 2015

Not to get ahead of ourselves but...

It's commonly agreed upon by most (I think) that a Sanders + Warren combo would be a dream team.

Has anyone else noticed that Warren is starting to seek publicity a bit more lately? the fact she appeared on Colbert's late show shortly after Bernie's appearance has my Spidey senses tingling.

perhaps she's gearing up to potentially join him in the race?

September 27, 2015

Armello? Does anyone else play or know about it?

So this turn based strategy, card and dice board game hybrid is freaking amazing and I highly recommend it. I have 22 hours of gameplay under my belt and I've only owned it for like 3 days?

Here's the Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/290340/

Seriously, check it out.

September 26, 2015

ever notice??

that it's always around 20 or so users that consistently rec anti Bernie threads and it's typically around 30 or so users that rec pro Hillary threads?

just food for thought.

September 26, 2015

Bernie supporters! I'm back! And I need help!

I'm back! The 3rd year anniversary has been great! Plenty of laughs and wonderful moments together. It was a great week to remind ourselves what makes us so great for one another.

That aside, it's good to be back. I saw the debacle regarding this hillaryclintonsupporters.com thing and I've added some new usernames to my ignore list as well. Glad this was discovered... Also, disappointed in it as well.

So anyways, here's my question.

Bernie doesn't accept money from Super PACs correct? Then what the hell is opensecrets.org telling me on this page?


You scroll down to see Bernie's outside groups and you'll see 1 Super PAC that's raised money for him and a "Leadership PAC"? Whatever that is.

So, whats going on with that? Is he not accepting their money? Is it different because those Super PACs aren't funded by billionaires? Whats the difference? Again, this is my first presidential election rodeo, so I'm learning a lot these days.

I just want to know so that I'll be armed with the knowledge, just in case someone else ever gets confused by this information.

Thanks guys, and again, it's great to be back! Even though, it's somewhat bittersweet knowing how many Hillary supporters here have set up an entirely separate flame website.

September 20, 2015

Retrowire is going radio blackout

Well everyone, this week marks the 3rd year of an amazing marriage with my lovely wife.

we'll be celebrating with a full week off from work and spending as much quality time together as possible.

the everyday routines and responsibilities tend to get in the way of that so we're going to have dedicated "US" time from Monday until Thursday night.

I should be back on Friday if she doesn't realize the mistake she's made in spending so much time with me that she becomes overwhelmed and puts a pillow over my face in my sleep.

to three years! hurrah! and many more!

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