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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
November 28, 2016

I know this is a fucked up observation.

But has anyone noticed that the media is more likely to pay attention to a riot or active shooter than a peaceful protest or active movement?

Fuck the media, for real. Sigh.

Both are seriously worth coverage, but everything covered between is bullshit isn't it?

November 23, 2016

I'm back, I survived.

Hello everyone.

I've still got my job. My brother in law passed away. One of my cars needs to be inspected and has a check engine light I don't understand. We bought a Great Dane puppy, named her Mini. Got a 55inch 4K TV for the living room, had to cancel Thanksgiving because family can't make it. Trump fucking won, I've lost faith in the world and I don't feel good at all for having guessed this would happen. Glad that DU survived the hack.

That's my life. How's yours?

November 8, 2016

Is there a map or website where I can keep up with the results tonight?

Preferably no video. Commentary and punditry is just stressful and distracting. I like looking at live data and nothing else.

November 8, 2016

Let's see what the gamers want??? (A live poll to watch)


GameFAQs always has the best polls. But here's one that's been live since last night 12:01am

As a demographical study, it has been found that gamers in general are actually evenly divided between Republican and Democratic ideologies.

Hint: Hillary is winning.
November 8, 2016

It's kind of surreal that tonight contains the final conclusion

This, being my first election ever has been quite the adventure! It's changed me. I've become more morally fortified, principled and I know where I stand politically for the first time ever.

So for me, knowing that it really all comes down to tonight is just odd.

Let me tell you what it was like for me, an apolitical youth, on the night the first black man became president.

I was at my favorite karaoke bar with a buddy of mine. Turned out they weren't having karaoke that night, I was sad but hey the burgers were great. We thought we'd eat. The TV's were all tuned to election coverage.

I didn't really understand most of it but, when the banner at the bottom of the screen read, "Barack Obama declared President of United States", I turned to my friend and smiled, "Hey cool! It happened. First black president!" I could appreciate how good that was.

But not as much as the women at the table to my left. I'll never forget this. They were black. And one of them started openly weeping tears of joy. Her company smiled and hugged her while they both were overwhelmed. I smiled too. I knew it wasn't pain. It was a relief. It was proof that a racial wall had truly fallen. For my white self, I couldn't begin to fathom how cathartic that moment truly was. But they did. And I understood it.

And I wonder, if tonight, now that I'm more enlightened, will I feel as powerful an emotion?

I love you all, my fellow Americans. I wish us the best tonight.

November 8, 2016

Every single polling place

was PACKED on my way to work this morning.

Holy shit! I expect this will continue until the evening.

Btw, where can one go to keep up with the results tonight that ISNT TV?

November 7, 2016

I want to hug you all!

It's been a long and hard campaign for all of us.

From our sparring days in the primaries to our allied days today, I just want to say....

Thank you. To my allies and adversaries, thank you. Here we are on the eve of tomorrow, and soon all that we've been through will truly be behind us.

Until our next battles, that is.

I am still proud to have recognized in this past year that the Democratic party is where I stand. I'm proud to have become politically aware and involved for the first time in my life. I'm thankful to have made friends here, real people who see real people and give a damn.

Yes I still thank all of those who saved my in-laws around Christmas last year. This community is the best online community I've ever joined so I thank you for that.

DU has forever been informative and helpful in so many ways. Past the primary days, I'm excited to see how this site fleshes out.

So again, thank you all. And tomorrow night, DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH.


November 5, 2016

In line right now (UPDATE)

UPDATED: Retrowire and Mrs Retrowire have officially cast our ballots. Hillary has our votes! Do right by us Hillary and we will return the favor. This is our chance to continue the platform that Bernie originally enamored us with. The political revolution shall continue on Hillary's platform and well, I gotta say, it does bring a bit of pride to cast my first presidential vote for a woman.

Gender isn't the point of this, but it is a significant event and my feminist self cannot deny this.

Come Tuesday, I have a very good feeling Trump will lose but, unless the Democrats truly wipe the whole place clean, we'll be looking at longer battles ahead of us.

And we'll fight those battles too.

Good luck everyone!

Original post below.....

39 degrees and I only brought one sweater!


November 5, 2016

It's happening tomorrow!

My wife and I are waking up bright and early tomorrow before the sun rises and we're driving back to our original voting district (we moved so we have to go back there to vote) so that we can cast or votes for Hillary.

We tried the other day but GOD DAMN THOSE LINES. I'd imagine tomorrow will also be terrible but, earlier will be better and we've got to do it.

Our hearts will always follow Bernie, but we know Bernie is right when he says Hillary must win this.

Wish us luck in waking up to our alarm clocks!

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