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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
December 31, 2016

Are Great Danes really "gentle giants"?

Because my puppy just hit me in the nuts, then while on the floor writhing in pain, she punched me in the eye.

December 26, 2016

Whats that waterproof fabric that is laid down in gardens for the soil?

It's a black fabric that allows water to go through while also retaining the soil? What's it called? I'm working on a project for my wife.

December 25, 2016

Christmas with a Trump supporter.

Today, I'll be attending my family's Christmas. And there will be a young man there who is currently dating my niece.

He's a full blown Trump supporter and I'll be treating him as an equal on this day.

It is hard. But, just the other day, I was blessed with an epiphany. One of my next door neighbor's, I recently discovered was a Trump supporter. I drove by their house one day and saw a Trump sign in their garage.

But yesterday, that family happened upon my doorstep. Just to say "Merry Christmas" and give us a box of homemade cookies. We had just met them the day before and, through the spirit of Christmas, they were generous to a stranger.

Who's to say what would have happened if I were a minority? We'll never know.

But today, like the soldiers in WW2, I'll be laying down my arms in the interest of humanity and kindness, just like the Christmas spirit, and I will be gracious.

Merry Christmas DU.

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