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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
March 2, 2016

Jay Chaudhuri for Senate!

I like this guy from what I keep reading, seems like an Indian Bernie Sanders considering his policies.

-Equal Pay for Women
-Fight LGBT Discrimination
-Strong Gun Control
-Higher Minimum Wage
-Reduce Income Inequality
-100% Pro Choice
-Higher pay for Teachers
-Reduction of class sizes
-Restore funding to schools

What do you guys think?


March 2, 2016

I have a SUPER NEWBIE question right here.

Okay, so for anyone who knows me here, you know that this is my first time ever being politically engaged and my vote for Bernie will be the first vote I ever cast.

That said, I just received an email that says I can vote early in NC.

Now, being that I've never voted before, IN MY LIFE. Is there anything fishy about Early Voting? My wife has never voted either, and we're both skeptical because we're thinking, "doesn't that just give them time to see I voted for Bernie and then chuck it?"

Should we wait until March 15th when the lines are long and the traffic is thick? Or is Early Voting just as dependable as the actual Voting Day?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Excuse the paranoia in this topic but.... yeah. I think you understand.

March 2, 2016

To the Bernie Supporters who are, for some reason flying the white flag....


I'm going to need you to realign your perspectives with that thread right there.

If you really think Bernie has lost his chances of winning, you've been ingesting what the MSM has been feeding you a bit too much lately. You're falling under their spell of delirium and control. So please, for the benefit of the dream you've been hoping for, for Bernie's campaign, take a step back and look at the WHOLE PICTURE.

The MSM would LOVE for you to think that Super Tuesday was the "END ALL, BE ALL" part of the contest. But it was only 11 states. Know how many states are left? 34. THIRTY FOUR STATES ARE LEFT. And they're big ones. There are swing states abound and Bernie's been campaigning in all the right states, HARD.

Don't give in to the propaganda. Bernie is far from finished. FAR. That is not just sugar talk. Believe me.
March 2, 2016

DID YOU KNOW? A fact checklist about yesterday's Super Tuesday.


- Now that Super Tuesday is done, we've only distributed 24% of the total delegate count of our nation. Basically, the race is only 24% done. The idea that Bernie should pack up and go home is something the media really wants to push because discouraging voter activity is what they want.

- That the media is showing it's bias towards the establishment candidates more than ever? The media is saying that Hillary has "secured the nomination" and that Bernie should pack it up. But somehow that logic doesn't work in the Republican race where they don't exactly want Trump to win. On THAT side, they're saying Cruz (who lost by greater margins than Bernie lost to Hillary) "lives to fight another day". Yet, they don't apply that logic to Bernie. No, he's done for. See how that's backwards?

- That in the remaining states Bernie has good looking numbers and they're growing while Hillary's are shrinking? How many states are left? Around 34?

We're not done. Far from it. I know that Hillary, the MSM, and many supporters on that side that are afraid of change really, REALLY want it to be done, but it's not.
March 1, 2016

Bernie Supporters get in here!


Time to reign it in from GD for a moment, let's huddle. <3

And everyone else hold your horses, they'll be back soon after I give them a talking to!

I wish everyone well today! You too Hillary Supporters.
March 1, 2016

~@*The Official Super Tuesday Bernie Sanders Group Thread!*@~

Hello fellow Bernie Supporters.

Today is a monumental day. I'm certain you all are aware of that. There are plenty of threads abound that are intended to keep our perspectives in line. To let us know that this is only the beginning.

Truer words have never been typed and I agree with all of them! You don't need to win Super Tuesday to win the race as a whole, Bernie knows that and that's why he's executing a strategy for the swing states.

That said, the states in which Bernie has a chance of winning today are as follows: Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Oklahoma, Vermont and Virginia.

So while we keep our eyes on the prize, let us think of those of us that are out there voting for Bernie today and wish them luck!

I want to take a moment to mention a couple of things that we should be HIGHLY PROUD OF, no matter what the outcome is of this entire thing. We, along with Bernie have changed American politics forever. It's true. Let's look at what has changed.

1. Campaign finance will never be the same. Bernie has proven that corporations and big money don't NEED to get involved at all. All you need is an excellent campaign with a fantastic mission and the people themselves will fund it. It CAN BE DONE. Because of this, all future elections will have candidates giving a second thought as to how they should fund themselves.

2. We have proven, and removed the long standing stigma that "Socialism" is a taboo word. I don't care that there are people out there that are still afraid of it. Some will go to their graves afraid of a misunderstood word, but the fact is, a Democratic Socialist has won in this race. He has a following that's willing to dish out as much effort as anyone else. He has a turnout that goes above and beyond the average.

3. The Occupy Movement has been reborn. And it's not going to fade again. Bernie has sent out a message that has brought in millions of people to the Occupy movement without them even knowing it. There are thousands that were apart of the movement originally, but now, and possibly without knowing it, there are millions more telling Wall St, "YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL."

These 3 items are just the biggest things I can think of at the moment. We have done SO much in so little time. Should we win, imagine how much more we'll be able to do. And should we lose, know that our flame will never go out again! Win or lose... I see something big happening. Very big.


That said, here's a link for following live results:


The results will start updating at 7PM EST when most polls close.

So let's all hunker down in here, have a drink and see what happens in today's contest. And again friends, this is only the beginning.
March 1, 2016

If you're using Google to keep an eye on the results today...


Keep in mind that the DARK BLUE BAR is for Super Delegates. The Light Blue is for Delegates won throughout the entire race.

Funny how Google is pushing this deceiving crap now. Because of this imagery, Hillary is going to look like she has a large lead no matter what the outcome today. At least there are few Americans who read the graph instructions and can see what the numbers actually are...

This kind of shit is the bane of the low information voter, of which, is the majority. sigh.

Good luck everyone.

ETA: I did just realize that the graph provided gives the results of the race overall, and is reflective specifically of only super Tuesday.
March 1, 2016


It's Sudoku and chill time.


February 29, 2016

Millennial Bernie Supporters, come get motivated.

I doubt we need the motivation, but please, I just want you to know that YES, there are still people out there who have NO FAITH in you. I just had an exchange on DU with another user that is basically mocking young voters in the worst kind of way. I won't post it here because I guess that's meta, but if you want the link just PM me. Either way, I want you to know that this is what they think of you out there.

You're too busy watching YouTube or playing Xbox. You're hanging out with your friends just smoking pot and living off your parents. Your head is always full of unobtainable dreams and you're too green behind the ears to know any better.

THATS WHAT THEY THINK OF US. They still do, and they always will. Unless, we prove them wrong.

So vote and volunteer. Don't let them get away with that smug ass idea that you're a lazy do nothing kind of person.

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