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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
May 29, 2016

I saw my FIRST Hillary Bumper Sticker today.

After all this time, I thought NO ONE had one around here...



That says Hillary for Prison 2016.

Guess I still haven't ever seen a Hillary bumper sticker around here. ¯_(ツ _/¯

May 26, 2016

It's NOT Bernie's fault that Hillary is terrible.

And it's not his fault that this party is being ripped apart.

It's hers.


xposted GDP

May 26, 2016

News Flash for Hillary Supporters... Bernie is not why Hillary is terrible.

Hillary, is why Hillary is a terrible candidate.

Her favorability ratings were on the downslide this entire time. Had Bernie Sanders not even EXISTED, the Democratic Party would be at the exact same place it is today. And that place is trying to coddle and protect a presumptive nominee that has more baggage than a bellhop at a really busy hotel.

Let's take note of the shit that everyone is saying about Hillary at this very moment.

1. Emails and FBI investigation. <-- An issue before Bernie ever came along.
2. Benghazi. <-- A bullshit issue, but an issue nonetheless that was there before Bernie came along.
3. Wall St ties. <-- Oh you know Bernie hammers on this, but it was an issue before he came along because of Occupy.
4. Clinton Foundation. <-- An issue before Bernie came along.
5. Her passive attitude towards BLM. <-- An issue she made for herself.
6. Her husband. <-- Something that I really don't think should matter, but it's baggage that hurts her, regardless of Bernie, hell he doesn't even talk about it.

And that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

This meme that Bernie needs to "STOP HE'S RUINING OUR CHANCES" is bullshit. He's playing by the rules as he should. These are the rules of Democracy. Neither of our candidates have acquired the magic number of pledged delegates to become the nominee. Neither of them will. And there will be a contested convention because of this. Everytime I hear someone whine about how undemocratic it is for Bernie staying in, I remember being mocked for whining about Super Delegates and being told, "That's how our democratic process works! Don't like it? Leave it!"

Well guess what! You don't like Bernie staying in and contesting the nomination? Leave it!

We need to see that Hillary is a sinking ship candidate. All Bernie is doing is reminding us of that. Even if he weren't here, she'd STILL be in this situation, the only problem would be, we wouldn't have a plan B. And the B stands for Bernie.

Get mad at him all you want. The faults of Hillary's are her OWN, and he did not create them.

Feel free to continue supporting Hillary. But think REALLY hard about the damage she is doing to the Democratic Party by staying in the race. Sinking ships sometimes make it to their destinations, sure. But consider what that ship is up against, and whether or not it's baggage can be thrown overboard.


ETA: Kind of funny to see how many Hillary supporters quickly miss the point here. Got all defensive because I called Hillary a terrible candidate.

Here's the point in BOLD for those of you with the hurt ego.

Bernie cannot be blamed for Hillary's faults. The meme that is going around that Bernie should drop out because he's ruining her chances, is not his doing. Now, you may comment appropriately on the topic. Thank you.
May 26, 2016

If you're mocking Bernie for going toe to toe with Trump

Then I'm putting your name down as that "Democrat" that took Trump's side.

Just sayin'. Bernie, like him or not is AGAINST Trump and is on our team.

You'd be wise to root for him rather than berate and mock him for doing something that even Hillary is reluctant to do.

May 26, 2016

So Trump said the debate with Bernie was a joke?


Let's go viral and call his ass out on that!

May 26, 2016

So Trump said the debate with Bernie was a joke?



Make it go viral. That man cannot tolerate humiliation so we're going to call him out for the chickenshit he is! He should have put his money where his mouth is when he decided to call a debate against our Bernie!

Fuck that, we're exposing his weak ass talk for what it is! Make it happen!


All of us Democrats need to call this shit out, no matter who your support! He will be our competitor in the GE!

May 26, 2016

I dont care whos side youre on

Anybody who mocks or laughs at the fact that Bernie is going toe to toe with Trump isn't even a damn Democrat in my book.

This is someone from our side, directly going after Trump.

So if you support Hillary or not, you'd better be rooting for Bernie that night at least.

This isnt a fucking game. Trump is actually happening. And even if Bernie doesn't win this, Hillary supporters should be grateful that he is doing this debate.


It can not only expose Trump's strategies and weaknesses against a democratic opponent and give us a preview of the general, but it can also soften Trump up.

So just for once, this is the first debate of red vs blue, prove to me and everyone else that we can unify against Trump at least. Please prove that.

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