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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
June 21, 2016

Now that we're officially in general election mode here...

All I can say is... Fingers crossed!

June 12, 2016

Tell ALL of your homophobic "Christian" peers the same thing right now.

From now on, if you hear ANYONE claiming that the victims of that shooting got what they deserved, you tell that person that they are siding with ISIS.

Don't let them protest and say, "No! I'm Christian!" You tell them, "Funny, for a Christian, you seem to have a shit ton in common with ISIS right now!"

Extremist bigoted versions of religion have NO PLACE in this world. Call it out.

June 8, 2016

What makes this most difficult to accept

Is that we've pointed out Hillary's flaws and ties to wall st and record on regime change...

And most of the time one of these would happen...

1. "Nuh uh."
3. Shut up/hide

So... I mean... Hillary is still the same candidate that we Bernie supporters have been against. No one ever tried to resolve that. At least not to me.

So, I don't even wanna argue the issues anymore. That shit doesn't work here.

So why don't you just tell me how Hillary isn't going to...

1. Sell us out with trade deals.
2. Provoke a military conflict.
3. Put SS and a Woman's right to choose on the bargaining table.

If this op is hidden then well... it just falls under number 3 in the first list above.

Just state your case for those items I really won't even debate you at this point.


June 1, 2016

Constructive Criticism of the Presumptive Nominee. Let's do this then.

Please, prove to me that it's possible.

1. Hillary is less trusted than Trump. What do we do about that?

2. The email scandal hangs over her head, legitimate or not, what can we do about that? What's the plan if the hammer falls?

3. There are a lot of people that feel pretty disenfranchised and for good reason. Hillary absolutely represents to them a status quo that rejects them. Bernie brought millions into the fold, how do you retain them?

And since we're still in primary mode, I will say it in bold: We could just nominate Bernie and not deal with any of this crap, but just in case, we'll talk about it.

Now please, let's have constructive communication about the presumptive nominee, that is Hillary, and no jabs at Bernie, Bernie supporters or anything like that. We're being constructive.

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