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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
September 30, 2016

please help with my cat and litterbox issue

Alright, here's the setup.

Cagney is a cat that is just over one year old.

He used to poop outside the litter box and pee inside the litterbox. (Thank glox)

BUT, now he is doing both outside the litterbox.

We have two letterboxes in the area for him to choose from. I can't see why he went from partial usage to zero usage of the litter box.

But here's the variable... We're moving to a new house.

On the bad side, we're currently renting and I hate the idea of Cagney putting a cat urine smell in the house RIGHT BEFORE WE MOVE.

But on the good side and this is a question, will moving to a new home reset his bathroom habits and give us a new opportunity to train him?

Thanks for any help.

September 27, 2016

Do not celebrate so soon. Lets not be biased or complacent.

First, I want to say something. You all know I was an avid Bernie supporter and I will always love Bernie. You also know that I followed Bernie's word and will vote for Hillary.

But after watching this debate... I'm feeling a little proud to be with her for once. She KNOWS HER SHIT. She is experienced and will know what to do as president.

But here's what this topic is about.

I'm seeing alot of folks saying "Hillary kicked his ass! Wow!"

Now, to our minds, our intelligent minds that KNOW what is expected and required of a President, that's true.


Take off the lenses and realize... Trump got as many cheers and maybe more than Hillary. That is indicative of what the American population may actually feel. The American people might actually be vulnerable to Trump's oratory hogwash.

Here is a truth. The American people are tired of the same old politicians. And to many of them, Hillary represents that.

Don't walk away from tonight thinking she has this in the bag. Many of Donald's half truths and lies make sense to a public that doesn't care to fact check. Many of those lies sound really appealing to the MAJORITY (yes majority) that doesn't understand how the world works.

So you know what this Bernie supporter is motivated to do for the first time? Donate to Hillary. And I might even volunteer.

Democrats, we are not done. This battle is not won.

Good luck. We can do this.

September 27, 2016

Alright, here's what's going to happen and this is why there's no need to freak out.

I cannot say what will happen during. Gotta admit, that's what's so exciting about this. Trump isn't up there with a bunch of other Republicans, he's up there with the real adversary, Hillary. Will he change his strategy? Will he be the blowhard we all know and loathe? Who knows?

But here's why there's no reason to freak out about the post results. Providing that nothing CRAZY happens, the media will be full of mixed opinions. There will be media on both sides proclaiming "WINNER!" There's no true winner until November so, just BREATHE my fellow Dems.

BREATHE! It's the first debate, all will be the same tomorrow.

September 26, 2016

I'm moving before election day, what do I do??!?

Alright, so... I'm currently registered as a Democrat in my current voting district. When I move, I'll be in a different voting district. (obviously)

A canvasser that visited me the other day told me I had to re-register all over again, mail in and everything. But, is that true? AND, can't I just drive all the way back to my old district and vote there? I'm only moving 30 minutes away.

Please help. I don't want to not vote.



If you have moved fewer than 30 days prior to the election, you are still qualified to vote in your prior polling place and may vote only there, even if you moved outside of your county.
September 26, 2016

This Berniecrat is a hankering for the bold exposure of a manchild tonight.

I can't wait, to see Trump on that stage, knowing that whatever he says will immediately be challenged. Knowing that whatever he does will be scrutinized and up for grabs.

It's been a long fucking time of Trump being able to act however the hell he wants for the masses.

But tonight is adult pants time. And I am eager to watch him try his best, especially when being compared to Hillary who yes, can hold her own in this arena.

So I say this with respectful sportsmanship, as an adversary who had to lay down his sword and stand behind her, but still standing alongside Bernie...

Hillary, knock him down.

September 26, 2016

What was Hillary playing on that Game Boy of hers?

I wanna know!!!

September 11, 2016

New Sunday Comic released on Hyper Cycling Blog Disorder.


The new one is called Efficiency. I've totally done this myself. lol
September 5, 2016

new HCBD webcomic is out


I think this one is actually pretty funny.

Remember this is my buddy's art blog that I'm helping him spread around, he's got no social media presence and is doing this all by word of mouth so of you like what you see, share it.

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