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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
March 31, 2017

A conversation with a "conservative" in a video game

Last night, I'm playing Star Wars Battlefront.

A political conversation was happening as I entered the room. Admittedly it's not often I get to hear a conservative speak about politics in their own terms but here I was.

I wasn't alone, there was another ally on that exchanged dialogue with the conservative. And admittedly we weren't all shouting at each other, we would disagree and easily bring up a counterpoint that would then cause the "conservative" to switch gears/topics.

I heard things from... "Hillary should be in prison and she kills people" to "Obama is a waste of flesh that fucked everything up and wasted all his time and our money playing golf" to "Bernie Sanders is the god emperor of fake news and if he were elected we'd be bankrupt the next day. He also has 2500 outstanding civil suits against him."

You may be wondering how I and the ally countered this stuff.

To the Hillary quips: "But Trump himself said it wasn't a big deal anymore and he didn't care about locking her up. Plus, Trump is hosting confidential meetings in public at the Mar a Lago."

To the Obama quips "Trump has played over 12 games of golf in his first 60 something days. Obama played none during that. Also, Trump is wasting millions of my tax dollars staying at mara Lago while his wife is in NYC."

To the Bernie quip: "if you really think Bernie would have bankrupted us, you didn't research or read his policies. Fake news emperor? You've now lost ALLLLLL credibility." PLUS, I googled that 2500 civil suits accusation later on. Doesn't even show on google. Wtf

They also stated things like, "at least Trump is working the budget correctly by putting money into the core programs like the military." I asked, "what are the other important core programs because the military seems to be the only one to him."

They said free healthcare could never ever work because how would doctors get paid? I would say, "other nations are doing it fine" they would reply "but look how expensive it is to live there" to which I easily stated, "their people can afford it though because their economy isn't devoted to the military complex and other BS"

In the end though I was GENUINELY surprised when the "conservative" said the following...

"I will agree though that Trump really has to change his position on climate change."

I was like, "I am elated to see that you at least have that opinion."

To which he replied, "well yeah you can't deny science"

Well that's a glimmer of light I guess lol

March 31, 2017

I would hate it if Trump resigned


And worst of all, his hardcore followers would be just as emboldened.

He shouldn't be able to save face no matter what.

But I have a feeling this is the likely outcome because above all, his reputation is most important to him.

March 30, 2017

I have 2 free game codes both for STEAM, first come first serve! MURDERED SOUL SUSPECT/ COMIX ZONE

I have a Murdered: Soul Suspect code and a COMIX ZONE code that is redeemable on Steam.

Just PM me if you're interested. I'll update this thread to let everyone know whether or not the keys were taken.

March 28, 2017

I'll never ever forget

That time my boss said this during my first review...

"Your first 11 months here have been a little lacking. But we've noticed great improvement most recently."

During this review I'd only been with the company for about 9 months, the first 5 months of which were all training.

So it's nice to know that I'm being judged so fairly.

March 26, 2017

Something I'm grateful about regarding Trump's presidency...

For the longest time, I think many had wondered at one point or another whether or not a non-politician would be sufficient for the job of presidency. A lot of people wondered if even a businessman would be a greater option.

I mean there's a lot of people that are tired of same old, same old politicians and honestly, what better way to show ourselves that it's a TERRIBLE idea other than this?

I mean, there's no need to hypothetically wonder anymore is there? Clearly, if you've got no political background, you'll have no fucking clue how the ins and outs work. Unless you're a genius or person that passionately studies politics to begin with.

I'm just saying that I know now more than ever, I want my presidents to be politicians.

March 26, 2017

Is anyone playing For Honor on PC?

Im looking for a co-op partner to help me with a campaign mission.

March 26, 2017

Completely hypothetical but interesting question

What would happen if it were discovered that the entire Republican party were in collusion with the Russian government to tamper with our election?

The whole party. What would happen?

March 24, 2017

My favorite observation of the day. We have a temper tantrum president.

"If you guys don't pass this bill then I'll make it so we're STUCK with Obamacare!"

"My healthcare act won't pass? FUCK IT, just pull it!"

"Obamacare will EXPLODE" <--- literally said that.


So yeah, Republicans. If Obamacare is going to explode why don't you fix it? Oh that's.... That was never the plan? You just had repealing it in mind?

But you had years to come up with this....

Huh.... The anti government party can't govern. Whodathunkit.

March 24, 2017



Read the WHOLE thread of tweets, 40 tweets in total from Seth Abramson.

Oh man this just gets crazier. Just click the tweet and scroll down to read his numbered tweets.

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