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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
July 1, 2017

Hello friends, little update from Retrowire here

Hey there!

Just wanted to say I haven't been posting much lately because politically, all I can do is sit and wait for my chance to vote. There's nothing to be said from my mind.

Everyday I think about it.

Has Trump finally crossed the line? No. Not in the GOP's eyes. He never will.

Have we finally proven without a doubt that he's colluded? Yes. But, is anyone going to take it seriously enough to do something yet? No.

I haven't lost all hope. I've just become dormant.

Other than that, should the world burn, I'm taking this time to enjoy my family and life while I have it. No idea how long I've got that left.

I'm content. I'm alive and well in this tumultuous era. I'm witnessing it, I'm just waiting.

June 30, 2017

After this is all over, and it will end...

Are you going to wear a t-shirt or have a bumper sticker or something that commemorates the fact that you lived through the worst presidency in our nation's history?

Seriously, this will go in the books. You'll be able to tell younger generations, "yep he really said that shit and still got elected. And yep, collusion with foreign enemies really was the reason he got that far. I LIVED A CAUTIONARY TALE."

Damn... It'll feel good.

June 26, 2017

Seeking advice regarding my nephew.

Hey there.

So as some of you know, my brother in law passed away in a tragic car accident within the past year. This has, expectedly left his family in a transformative disarray. Without going into too much detail, I want to just focus on my nephew.

A lot of people in my family say that he and I are VERY MUCH ALIKE. We've even been mistaken for twins. It's crazy. He's 16 and I'm 29. But the growth spurt gave him height and he's got the same hair as me so there you go.

Those details are important because he finds me to be his most relatable relative. And that relatability has only gotten more solid by this death in the family because, my dad suddenly died of a heart attack when I was 17. Got that? His dad died when he (my nephew) was 16 and mine passed when I was 17.

But here's the important difference between how our lives played out after losing our fathers.

First, here's what happened to me.

I had many close friends and a social network in public school and even church youth group.

Immediately after my dad passed (he died when we were in the middle of a move) my mom and I moved in with my sister and her family. (My nephew's family yes)

I was rarely alone. I had male role models that involved me in things. My future step dad, my brother in law who was alive at the time, my high school counselor.

But here's what my nephew's got going on...

He's got no friends in real life. He's homeschooled. He's got no neighbors and he's isolated on several acres of land with trees and field. His only connection outside is the internet.

He's still in the house his mom and dad worked for. And his sister and Mom are dealing with their grief alone and without him. His mother is now, 9 months later starting to date another man. His sister who is twenty one and is already a grown woman is growing resentment for the mother and is therefore trying to move out on her own. All of this abandons my nephew, whom, is still homeschooled by a computer and fortunately, doesn't seem to notice this fracture.

And finally... I think his only male role models at this point are me and my stepdad.

Needless to say, he's been living a sheltered existence and I'm afraid of what this fracture in his family might do to him. I had a great social network following the death of my dad. He doesn't.

My wife and I want to have him come over more often and just give him a world outside of that isolation over there. It's just, we're not parents and we want to figure out a way get him out of his comfort zone and be more adept with the world.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for reading argh sorry about all that.

June 22, 2017

Steam Summer Sale begins at 1pm est!!

Hope your wallets are ready!

Also, anyone think there will be a fun event this year?

June 22, 2017


Get your wallets ready!!!!

June 19, 2017

Anyone gonna play For Honor with me? On PC

I am Hyper L. Drifter in game!

June 19, 2017

17 yr old Muslim girl beaten to death with bats...

I hope you're all okay.

I hope you're not shaken to the point where you can no longer stand to be strong.

I hope you remember your greatest strength.


I hope you love today. I hope you share love today. I hope you are loved today.

Lend a hand. Lend a hug. Share a kiss. Tell a joke. Be human.

Go and love.

If there are any words from religion that are most important, it's just these three.

Love One Another.

For her sake. For the millions of others that will or have ever died because of a world of confused hate.

Go love one another. Don't let love die under the foot of this evil.

I love you.

June 17, 2017

Philando Castile, we're so sorry.

I can't comment here...


so I'll post it here....

Hearing the verdict in this case in particular has been the most earth shattering news regarding the state of black americans lives in America today for me personally.

All that evidence. All that proof that this was absolutely murder. The officer walks, absolutely free.

That is the stupidest shit I've ever heard in my life. How anybody can deny this factual injustice that has purveyed the ENTIRE HISTORY OF AFRICAN AMERICANS just blows my fucking mind. It's so flagrantly ignorant to walk away from this case and feel, "welp, case closed."

No, that's not what goes through anyone's minds in a case like this. Anyone that agrees with that verdict... I hesitate to say they're uninformed. I can't give anyone that benefit of a doubt these days...

I'm so sorry Mr. Castile. We're going to keep trying.

June 14, 2017

So the extreme left is becoming as radicalized as the alt right?

This is how it starts then.


June 13, 2017

Vegans are elitist dickheads!

Yesterday, there was a coworker of mine, known to be vegan and he was heating up some veggie dogs or whatever.

I asked him, "are those vegan dogs or something?"

To which he snootily replied, "yes they are, I grilled them on my new grill. Got a nice char on them."

Offended, I offered my rebuttal, "there's only one thing wrong with those."

His curiosity raised, "what's that?"

I then told him, "there's no meat in it. Nothing's right about that."

Offensively, he struck back, "it's good to me."

What an asshole. And then TODAY, guess WHAT, he was at it again with those hot dogs. He said hello to me and reassured me that yes, they were vegan before I could ask.

"That's just wrong, having no meat."

"It's fine" that uppity vegan asshole responded.

I pressed further to defend myself, "no meat, it's wrong"

And then the asshole vegan LAUGHED at me and said again, "it's fine to me." While shaking his head.

Vegans are elitist dickheads!!!! I just want the guy to accept that his beliefs are wrong, what's his fucking problem?

(Thank you for reading my meta-rant in which I'm actually the vegan in this scenario (hello!) and the meat eating defender is clearly defending himself from my meatless sacrilege. I started laughing at the end of our exchange because time and time again, I have learned even if you're NOT an asshole about veganism, some people get so defensive. Some people try to dismantle your beliefs and you could be just minding your own business. It's nuts. Btw, your food is BAD AND WRONG lol jerks, am I right? That was sarcasm, no one's food is bad and wrong.)

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